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Greetings and Welcome to Business Tourism & Hospitality (BT&H) Discipline

At Business Tourism and Hospitality we offer Preliminary Business programme, Foundation Business programme and specialised skills qualifications:

Preliminary Programme

Preliminary Business Programme

The Preliminary Business Studies programme (PBS) is designed for students who wish to pursue foundation studies in the commerce stream or take up certificate or diploma studies in the skills based programmes of Pacific TAFE. Students will learn the basic rules, concepts and theories required for further studies in Accounting and Economics at the Foundation level as well as communication skills in an academic context. This programme provides opportunities for students to be creative, work collaboratively and use technology as a learning tool. Download Full Details

Foundation Programme

Foundation Business Programme

The Foundation Business programme (FNBS) is designed to prepare students for degree studies in Commerce and other related undergraduate programmes. Students will develop skills in using accounting information, perform economic calculations and analyse simple real life events to determine the operations of a business. Students will also learn the basic principles and concepts necessary for further studies in agriculture and official statistics. This programme will also provide opportunities for students to be creative, work collaboratively and use technology as a learning tool.

The Foundation Business programme (FNBS) under the new College of Business, Tourism and Hospitality will offer the following disciplines:




Official Statistics Download Full Details

Skills Based Business Qualifications

The qualification is designed to support individuals who already manage their own businesses but do not have entrepreneurial training, those intending to start their own businesses, or individuals who work within the small business sector. The programme will provide essential knowledge and skills in business planning, partnership development and communication with customers and suppliers. Additionally, this training promotes the development of necessary risk assessment skills and capabilities for small business operators. Download Full Details

2. Professional Diploma in Business Management

This program is designed for individuals who wish to develop their knowledge and competencies in order to become more valuable in their current positions or to gain promotion to work in supervisory and/or management positions across a range of business and organisational environments. Furthermore, this qualification equips graduates with a wide range of business careers or for further studies at USP.  The programme comprises business skills, interpersonal and communication skills, critical problem solving skills, decision-making skills, ability to recognise ethical and cultural issues and to work independently and within a team environment. Download Full Details

This qualification reflects accounting job roles in financial services and other industries requiring accounting support functions. The course addresses accounting processes and standards for administrative support roles within an organisational setting.Download Full Details  

This qualification reflects accounting job roles in financial services and other industries requiring accounting support functions. The course addresses accounting processes and standards for administrative support roles within an organizational setting.Download Full Details  

This qualification reflects the role of individuals with substantial experience in a range of processes within office management settings. The course addresses administrative and management support services and skills which are well suited to individuals who intend to further their educational and employment opportunities. Download Full Details

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who use well-developed administrative skills and a broad knowledge base in a wide variety of administrative contexts. They apply solutions to a defined range of unpredictable problems, and analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources. Download Full Details

This qualification reflects the role of individuals working in a variety of roles within the human resource services and has a sound theoretical and practical knowledge base in human resources management and demonstrates a range of professional skills to ensure that human resources functions are effectively conducted in an organisation or business area. Download Full Details

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who work in a range of support positions in human resources management. In smaller companies they may work across all human resources functional areas and in larger companies they may be assigned responsibilities in units or business areas focused on discrete human resources functions such as remuneration, workforce planning or human resources information systems. Download Full Details

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who apply project management skills and knowledge. They may manage projects in a variety of contexts, across a number of industry sectors. They have project leadership and management roles and are responsible for achieving project objectives. They poses a sound theoretical knowledge base and use a range of specialized, technical and management competencies to initiate plan, execute and evaluate their own work and/or the work of others. Download Full Details

This programme is designed for project team members working under the overall direction of the project manager. It is recommended that this programme is a qualification for those working in or around projects who apply their skills to complete project tasks rather than manage or guide a project to completion. This is an ideal entry point for those seeking formal project management skills. Download Full Details

Skills Based Tourism and Hospitality Qualifications

This qualification covers cake, pastry and bread preparation, service, storage, knowledge and skills required in the commercial food preparation and service industry. The programme addresses product preparation principles, recipe interpretation and ingredient sourcing and storage processes. The training also covers industry standards on OHS, food safety, hygiene and sustainable environmental practices. This is a preparatory qualification for individuals who intend to specialise in patisserie and bakery or intend to complement and develop all round professional culinary skills. Download Full Details

2. Certificate IV in Hospitality Operations (Events, Food & Beverage and Front Office)

This qualification reflects the role of skilled operators who use a broad range of hospitality skills combined with sound knowledge of industry processes and standards. They operate independently or with limited guidance from others and use discretion to solve non-routine problems. Download Full Details

This qualification equips with food preparation skills and technical knowledge to enable them to work independently in a commercial kitchen environment. The programme covers priority industry standards on safety, hygiene, equipment maintenance, menu development, ingredient quality, purchasing, storage, food preparation, cost control, food service, people skills, communication, technology and sustainable environment practices. The practical and theoretical courses in this programme address the science, art and business principles of food preparation and service. Download Full Details

This qualification prepares students with a wide range of specialised skills in food preparation and service in a commercial kitchen. The training involves developing discretion, judgment and sound knowledge of kitchen operations. Graduates will be able to work with some independence, under limited supervision and may provide operational advice and support to team members. Download Full Details

Business Tourism and Hospitality qualifications like all other Pacific TAFE qualifications provide employment opportunities and pathways to higher studies at USP

The Certificate IV in Hospitality Operations and Certificate III in Commercial Cookery programmes are internationally accredited qualifications

The programmes are accredited by Fiji Higher Education Commission.  We also give Cross Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning.

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