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Greetings and Welcome to Education & Humanities (E &H) Discipline

At E&H we offer Preliminary Arts programme, Foundation Arts programme and specialised skills qualifications in:

Preliminary Programme

Preliminary Arts Programme

The Preliminary Arts programme (PA) is designed for students who wish to pursue foundation studies in the arts stream or take up certificate or diploma studies in the skills based programmes of Pacific TAFE. This qualification will equip students with a range of skills and knowledge that includes research, communication, critical thinking, and knowledge on Pacific societies, politics and history. This programme provides opportunities for students to be creative, work collaboratively and use technology as a learning tool

The Preliminary Arts programme (PA) under the new College of Arts and Humanities will offer the following disciplines:

• Language

• History

• Politics

• Sociology

• Technology Download Full Details

Foundation Programme

Foundation Arts Programme

The Foundation Arts programme (FNA) is designed to prepare students for degree studies in Arts and other related undergraduate programmes. Students will learn about Pacific societies, their cultures, politics and histories. They will develop research skills, learn to become critical thinkers as well as build on oral and written communication skills. This programme provides opportunities for students to be creative, work collaboratively and use technology as a learning tool.

The Foundation Arts programme under the new College of Arts and Humanities will offer the following disciplines:

• Language

• History

• Politics

• Sociology Download Full Details

Skills Based Qualifications

 1. Counselling

This qualification reflects the role of counsellors, who work with clients on personal and psychological issues using established counselling modalities. They use communication, micro-counselling and interviewing skills and draw on varied counselling therapies to assist clients. At this level, the counsellor will be working in defined and supported counselling roles in established agencies rather than in independent practice.  Download Full Details

2. Early Childhood and Education

Early childhood is a period of a child’s life from birth to eight years. This programme focuses on children’s growth, learning and development and the various areas and stages of development involved within this period.  Each course prepares students to recognise children’s learning needs and plan appropriate development programmes that enhance these needs. This programme targets individuals who have a passion for children and who care about children’s early learning milestones.  Download Full Details

3. Early Childhood and Education and Care

This programme broadens students’ knowledge in early childhood education and care. It addresses key areas in growth, learning and development for children from zero (0) to eight (8) years of age. It prepares students with vital skills and knowledge that relate to health, wellbeing and safety; special needs; supporting young children’s behaviour; framework and philosophies on ECEC; children’s rights; child protection as well as skills in planning developmentally appropriate programmes and managing an early childhood education and care centre within a diverse environment. Demonstration of these skills is clearly and thoroughly scrutinized within each course. Enabling students to meet market demands in providing dual services in educating and caring for younger children from zero (0) to eight (8). Students will be expected to further enhance these skills through a series of teaching and caring practices at community based settings that demonstrate good practice. Download Full Details

4. Community Development

This programme enhances students’ knowledge in community development issues/challenges both current and emerging, appropriate community development processes, approaches, strategies and skills to enable them to be effective community workers, trainers and leaders in terms of addressing and coping with these community development issues and challenges. It involves field practical work in a community by using participatory and learning approaches, processes and skills that they have learnt under this course, to help communities effectively contribute to their own development needs. Download Full Details

5. Library/Information Studies

This programme introduces students to the role of libraries in society, the responsibilities of librarians and other information professionals, and current issues such as literacy and intellectual freedom. Students learn development of libraries in the Pacific and elsewhere using the emerging ICT knowledge. Download Full Details

6. Training, Assessment & Evaluation

This qualification reflects the role of an individual delivering training and assessment in the training, vocational education and TVET sector. The qualification is suitable preparation for individuals engaged in the design, development, delivery and evaluation of training and assessment of competence in a workplace or in the training sector. Download Full Details 

 E&H qualifications like all other Pacific TAFE qualifications provide employment opportunities and pathways to higher studies at USP

The Certificate III in Early Childhood Education & Care programme is an internationally accredited qualification.

The programmes are accredited by Fiji Higher Education Commission.  We also give Cross Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning.

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