Course Descriptions - Geography

Geography (GE), Geospatial Science (GS), and Earth Science (ES) Course Descriptions

Geography (GE) Courses:

GE101 Intro to Physical Geography
GE102 Intro to Human Geography
GE201 Biogeography--Plants, Animals & the Human Environment
GE202 Agriculture, Food and Nutrition in the Developing World
GE203 Social and Economic Geography of the Third World
GE205 The Physical Environment
GE207 Urban Well-Being
GE301 Applied Pacific Islands Biogeography
GE302 Applied Rural and Agricultural Geography of the Pacific Islands
GE303 Geography and Development in the Pacific
GE304 Resource Conservation and Management
GE306 Pacific Geoscience
GE402 Third World Development
GE403 Research Methods in Geography
GE407 Advanced Pacific Island Biogeography and Ethnobiology
GE409 Environmental Change in the Pacific

Geospatial Science (GS) Courses:

GS100 Geography Techniques and Methods
GS200 Quantitative Methods
GS201 Geographic Information Systems I
GS211 Remote Sensing I
GS231 Cartography and Geovisualisation
GS301 Geographic Information Systems II

GS302 Field of Survey of Pacific Island Environment
GS311 Pacific Islands Remote Sensing
GS350 Project in Geospatial Science

Earth Science (ES) Courses:

ES106 Earth Science
ES203 Physical Geology
ES301 Applied Geology
ES302 Geological Mapping

ES303 Hot Rock and Humanity

ES406 Atoll Geoscience

Earth Science (EV) Courses:

EV201 Environment and Society in the South Pacific
EV301 Environmental Impact Assessment
EV302 Sustainable Development

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