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Lautoka teaching point holds Chinese Corner

Date: June, 01, 2017 09:15 Age: 195 days

Lautoka teaching point holds Chinese Corner

On the 18th of May, the Confucius Institute Lautoka teaching point at the University of the South Pacific, held a "Chinese Corner" event featuring traditional Chinese wedding customs. Teachers showed the customs not only through the words and pictures but also some interesting short films.  After that, students asked question of their own interest, compared with the traditional marriage customs in Fiji. At the end, teachers introduced the common paper cuttings in the preparation of the wedding, and the students and teachers completed the paper-cutting works the "double happiness" together. 

Students said it would be better if there were more of these sort of activities. Friends from different Chinese levels had the chance to come together, share experiences, and learn from each other. Not only that, but they can also learn about Chinese culture, experience the culture of China, do some manual work, and study more Chinese. It was very interesting for both the students and teachers. Some students want to learn more about Chinese history.

This activity also drew the attention of students who are not enrolled in Chinese language classes at CI. They saw the poster and felt that it was a very interesting topic, and joined in. 

Lautoka teaching point organized this "Chinese corner” to introduce the Chinese traditional culture, and to attract more students to join and learn Chinese. 

More activities are planned to be hosted in CI in the near future.


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