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Dr. Andreea R. Torre



School of Government, Development and International Affairs

University of the South Pacific

Laucala Bay Campus

Suva, Fiji Islands

Office: S215 (FBE Building)

Tel: (+679) 323-2780

Email: torre_a(at)usp.ac.fj


 Andreea has an interdisciplinary background in modern languages and literatures, social anthropology, sociology and migration studies. She has worked on several research projects involving comparative fieldwork in European and non-European countries (Italy, UK, Romania, Ukraine, Ecuador) as well as the use of innovative and interdisciplinary methodologies combining participant observation, photo-elicitation, consciousness-rising workshops, group-diaries, alongside with semi-structured and narrative interviews.

Her current research interests are in the area of gender and internal, regional and international  migration in the South Pacific Region, transnational temporary labour migration and family making, divers mobility patterns and impacts on social and economic development, and research methodologies and methods.

Currently Andreea is principal investigator in the research project “Patterns of Mobility and Development in Pacific Island States: An Integrated Analysis”, funded under the USP Strategic Research Themes. Using quantitative and qualitative methods, the projects aims at providing a better understanding of the links between internal mobility, intra-regional movements and international migration in three Pacific Island countries: Fiji, Samoa and Vanuatu.

Andreea is also part of the SGDIA WPS Editorial Committee and the SGDIA Web Manager

CV Andreea R. Torre


Academic Qualifications

Academic Qualifications

PhD in Sociology - London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

MSc in Social Anthropology - University College London (UCL).

BA in Foreign Languages and Literatures (Laurea) - University of Naples ‘L’Orientale’ (Italy)



  • Lecturer and Coordinator of DG400 “Advanced Research Methodologies” - core methodology course for postgraduate programmes in several FBE disciplines,
  • Lecturer and Coordinator of DG413 “Key-Issues in Gender and Development”  
  • Andreea is also the convenor of the SGDIA’s “Gender and Development Panel Discussions Series”

MA/PhD Supervision

MA/PhD Supervision

Andreea supervises MA and PhD students and is happy to accept new students in the areas of gender, migration and development; the study of cultural difference, identity formation and belonging; ethnicity, nationalism and nation-building

Currently supervising:

“Mobility and the Dynamics of Social Development: A Case Study in Ma’uke, Cook Islands” (MA thesis)

“Public Private Partnership and delivery of SRHR for women and girls in Fiji” (MA thesis)

“Politics of Language: A study of the role and effects of English language in the employability of Fijians in private sector employment” (MA thesis)

“Gender Impact of Temporary Labour Migration in Fiji (security sector)”  (MA thesis)

“The Migrations of Nareau’s Children and their Culture to Tungaru , within the Pacific and Beyond” (PhD thesis)


Theses examined 

" Transnational Identities in a Digital Age: A Case Study of Niue" PhD ThesisSchool of Media and Communication College of Design and Social ContexRMIT University, 2017.

*      “Tuvaluan diaspora within Oceania:  Ethnic identity and belongingness in the margins”, PhD Thesis submitted to The University of Otago, Maori, Pacific & Indigenous Department, 2017.


*      “From Containment to Correction and Reformations:  Exploring Punishment & Reformation in the Disciplinary System of Fiji Women’s Prison”, MA Thesis submitted to The University of the South Pacific, School of Social Sciences, FALE, 2015.



  • gender and internal, regional and international  migration in the South Pacific Region
  • gender and labour migration in South East Asia
  • transnational temporary labour migration in Europe
  • transnational family migration
  • gender, migration and development
  • social research methodologies and methods.



Refer to CV (link provided above) or click on this link for more information: https://lse.academia.edu/andreeatorre  

Edited volumes

(2016) (with Cangiano, A.) “Situating the nexus: Migration, Gender and Politics of Development in Pacific Islands”, Special Issue of the Journal of Pacific Studies, 36(1).

Papers and Research Reports

(2017 forthcoming) (with Cangiano, A.) When children are not “the left behind”. Practices of intraregional mobility among Pacific Islanders, in Transitions. Journal of Transient Migration.

(2017 forthcoming) (with Figge, N.) Women, Migration and Domestic Work in ASEAN: Serving “The Success Story”, Special Issue 2017, JustJobs Network.

(2017 forthcoming) “Awakening Sleeping Traditions”: a reflection on women, migration and socio-cultural remittances in the Pacific Islands, in The Contemporary Pacific.

(2016) (with Cangiano, A.). “Migration, Gender and Politics of Development in Pacific Islands. An Introduction”, Journal of Pacific Studies, 36(1): 5-20.

(2016) Book Review Oceanian Journeys and Sojourns: Home thoughts abroad, edited by Judith A. Bennett, Journal of Pacific Studies, 36(1): 133-136.

(2009) (with Boccagni, P., Banfi, L., Piperno, F.). Migration as a social issue. Social change, policies and representations in Ecuador, Romania and Ukraine (Migrazione come questione sociale. Mutamento sociale, politiche e rappresentazioni in Ecuador, Romania e Ucraina), CeSPI WP 57/09

(2008) (with Cangiano, A.), Diversity policy in employment and service provision. The city of Torino, Dublin: European Foundation for the Improvement of the Living and Working conditions, CD-ROM,

(2008), Living transnationally. Romanian migrants in London, London: RunnyMede

(2008), Social and labour integration – Romanians in Italy, in Franco Pittau et al. (eds.), Romania. Immigration and work in Italy. Statistics, problems and perspectives, Roma: Edizioni IDOS  (in italian)

(2008), Women migrations towards Italy: a comparison, CeSPI Working Papers, 41/2008, Rome: CeSPI (Centre for the study of International politics)

(2007) (with Floya, A. & , Cederberg, M.) Mapping of Policies and Policy Analysis. The UK case, in Integration of Female Immigrants in Labour Market and Society. Policy Assessment and Policy Recommendations. A Specific Targeted Research Project of the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission,

(2007) The Italians of Romania. Ethnography of a Village in the Dobrugia region, in Studi Emigrazione, April-June, 166: 461-76(in Italian)

(with Sigona, N.) (2006) Roma: no voice for the Roma, in Political participation and media representation of Roma and Sinti in Italy, OSCE/ODIHR

(with Sigona, N.) (2006) Positive contributions: Being a refugee in Britain, Refugee Housing Association, London

Selected Conference papers and Presentations


April 2016 - “Mobilizing “sleeping traditions”: women, migration and cultural heritage in the South Pacific”, 6th Biennial Conference of The Australian Association for Pacific Studies “Tides of Transformation: Pacific Pasts, Pacific Futures”, James Cook University, Cairns, Australia, 1-3 April 2016

April 2016 - (with Cangiano, A.) “Selective Immigration Policies and Temporary Labour Mobility Schemes in the Pacific”, 6th Biennial Conference of The Australian Association for Pacific Studies “Tides of Transformation: Pacific Pasts, Pacific Futures”, James Cook University, Cairns, Australia, 1-3 April 2016

June 2015 - (with Cangiano, A.) “Gendered perspectives on the migration-development nexus in the South Pacific”, 10th Conference of the European Society for Oceanists (ESfO), Brussels, 24-27 June 2015

June 2015 - (with Cangiano, A.) “Beyond the ‘triple win’ mantra: A critique of managed migration policies in the South Pacific”, Conference “Migration and Late Capitalism Critical Intersections with the Asia-Pacific and Beyond”, University of Victoria, Victoria BC, Canada, 11-13 June 2015

November 2013 - 'Migration and domestic work: A European experience from a comparative perspective,' presented at the Australian Sociological Association-TASA Conference, Melbourne, Australia

November 2013 - 'Transnationalism and the Family', presented at the Australian Sociological Association-TASA Conference, Melbourne, Australia

April 2011 - University of Oxford, COMPAS - Making Connections: Migration, Gender and Care Labour in Transnational Context, Paper presented: “Caring for the young and the elderly: Romanian migrant women in London and Rome”

Dec. 2008 - Transnational Domestic Workers and the National Welfare State. EUROCORES ECRP Networking Event sponsored by ESF. Conference centre “De Roos”, Amsterdam (Netherlands). Paper presented: “Care migration from Romania: the impact on individuals, families and the welfare systems”

Nov. 2008 - Young Immigrants and Their Families. Osservatorio Nationale sulla Famiglia (National Observatory on the Family), Ancona (Italy). Paper presented: “Romanian transnational families in London and Rome”

Nov. 2008 - Transnational Parenthood and Children Left Behind. PRIO, Oslo (Norway). Paper presented: “Care migration and the impact on families. A comparative study of women migration from Romania, Ukraine and Ecuador”

April 2005 - 10th Annual World Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN), Columbia University, New York. Paper presented: “Negotiating Ethnic Identity in Post-Communist Romania: The Case of the Italians”

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