Instructions to access the recordings - USP Marshall Island Campus


Instructions to  access the recordings are below:

           Click on React _Downloads _2017 _S2

           Just navigate through each day depending on when your class was held E.g Year Month Date,   20170219

           Click on the particular  date E.g. 20150819, it will  show  the class date_ class time_ course code  as E.g  20170819_1100_AFF01

           Click on the download folder .

           Click on the Class Folder again E.g.  20170819_1100_AFF01.

           Click on the Data Folder.

           Double click on the .wmv file to watch the video recording.

           We have also copied the PPT slides in this folder  so students can also access it.

Now you can click the link REACT Recording under this link and start downloading!

NOTE: Please note that you can only download these files within USPNET!


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