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FALE Postgraduate Handbook

 The Postgraduate Handbook provides information for new and continuing research students enrolled at the Masters and PhD programmes at FALE. Questions and further information may be directed to the Postgraduate Secretary or Admin Assistant at your school/section. Students may also like to liaise with their supervisors for more information. Click the link: FALE Postgraduate Handbook

More information on Postgraduate Research may be found on the USP Research Postgraduate Affairs Webpage. Click the link: Postgraduate Affairs at USP

University Calendar and Handbook

 The University Annual Calendar and Handbook provides important information regarding the policies and regulations for study at USP. You may access the electronic version of the handbook from the main USP Webpage or you might like to purchase a copy from the USP Bookshop at Laucala. Copies are also available from the USP Regional Campuses. Click the link:  USP Calendars 2007 - 2014 


Statement of Intent Template

The Statement of Intent (SOI) is a short paper or an abridged version of the proposal. The intention of the SOI is to demonstrate a studentís ability to conceptualize a potential research topic. The School/Section Postgraduate Research Committee will consider the SOI and appoint a supervisor who will assist you in preparing a more substantive proposal for consideration by the committee. Click the link: Statement of Intent Template


Research Proposal Template

The research proposal is more developed than an SOI. It is expected that students would have received some supervisory support, advice and guidance in the preparation of the proposal. The School/Section Postgraduate Research Committee will consider the Proposal and will recommend supervisors. These supervisors will either (a) assist in further improvements to the proposal; or (b) getting started with the substantive research project. Click the link: Research Proposal Template


Applying for a Country Research Permit

 All Students wishing to undertake research in any Pacific island country, must liaise with their supervisor and the Research Office to find out about the application process to obtain a Country Research Permit. In Fiji, all research in any discipline or field of study, whether undertaken by a student or staff member must be approved by the Ministry of Education. Application forms and details may be obtained from the Research Office or from the Ministry of Education in Suva. Other Pacific island countries also have research permit requirements and it is important that students take these into account before attempting to travel for fieldwork. Click the link: Country Research Permit

Graduate Student Funding Grant Application Form

All thesis students at the Masters and PhD level are eligible for faculty research funding. Masters students may apply for $3,300 FJD to assist with fieldwork and PhD students may apply for $5,500. Students must liaise with their supervisors in completing the funding application form.

 The funding application must include two attachments: (a) a copy of the research proposal that was approved by the School/Section Postgraduate Committee, and (b) A completed Research Office Human Ethics Form. Click the link: Student Funding Grant Application Form


USP Research Human Ethics Form

Information and forms required to obtain Ethical Clearance may be downloaded from the USP Research Office webpage or print versions obtained through the Postgraduate Administrative Assistant at your School or Section. Click the link:USP Human Ethics Information and forms

Progress Report Form

 The progress report form must be completed by the student and supervisor and submitted to the School/Section Postgraduate Secretary or Admin Assistant at the end of each semester. Progress reports are compiled at the School/Section level and submitted to the Faculty Research Office. Students who fail to achieve satisfactory progress will need to sit with their supervisors to re-establish a working timeline so that they may get their research progress back on track. Click the link: Progress Report Form

Research Grant Report

When all research funds have been used, the student must complete the Research Grant Report. This will include as an attachment, a photocopy of the previously submitted Progress Report. 

Click the link:Research Grant Report Form

Request for Change in Supervisor Form

 Students may request a change in Principal supervisor by completing the Request for Change in Supervisor Form. This request will be considered by the School/Section Postgraduate Research Committee and the committee decision will be communicated to the student in writing. Click the link: Request for Change in Supervisor Form

USP Regulation for presentation of thesis

The University of the South Pacific adheres to a standard format for the presentation of Thesis. Please review these details before submitting your thesis for examination. Click the link: Presentation of SRP and Thesis


Postgraduate Research Students are guided throughout the duration of their study with the assistance of Supervisors.

The Principal or 1st Supervisor is expected to be a USP Academic Staff member. Co-supervisors may be internally sourced from within the University or externally from other Institutions. Supervisors are allocated on the understanding that their expertise and research interests are aligned with those of the research student.

A Masters student may be allocated up to two supervisors, while a PhD student may be allocated up to three supervisors.

The general guiding rule is that students are expected to meet with their supervisors at least once a month.

There are two main documents which outline the Faculty policy and guidelines for thesis supervisors.


The examination process can take up to three months. A Master's thesis normally takes 8 weeks (2 months) for examination, while a PhD thesis usually takes up to 12 weeks (3 months).

Students wishing to complete their studies in time for a specific graduation ceremony are expected to work towards a timeline for submission with their supervisor(s) to allow for the examination process.

 There are two main documents that are used in the examination of Supervised Research Projects (SRP), Full Master's thesis and the PhD thesis. These are:

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