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What is the Compulsory ELSA Test?

The purpose of the English Language Skills Assessment (ELSA) Test is to find out if students have the English language skills needed for successful university study. The test must be taken by all students registering for degree-level courses, irrespective of whether they are doing a certificate, diploma or bachelor's degree program

The ELSA Test assesses your vocabulary and grammar, your reading and writing, and until you have sat and passed the test you will not be allowed to register for 200- or 300-level courses.

The Test is held at all USP campuses about four times each year, on dates publicised in the local media. You should take the test as soon as possible so you can get your results before the semester begins. If you already have access to Student Online Services, you can check your ELSA results there about two weeks after you sat the test. Otherwise, check the campus notice-boards. Results are reported on a five-band scale, and an overall total of 3, 4 or 5 is a pass in the test. The meaning of the bands is as follows:


Student Profile

Implications for USP study


Complete proficiency in all academic skills tested

High level of English skills should be a great advantage in degree studies.


Good proficiency in most academic skills tested

Good English skills should be an advantage in degree studies.


Adequate proficiency in most academic skills tested

English skills are adequate to commence degree studies, and students will benefit from any explicit teaching in academic English (eg. LL114).


Limited proficiency in some academic skills tested

Modest skills may affect success in degree studies; concurrent semester course in English language skills required (EL001).


Limited proficiency in all academic skills tested

Limited skills will probably lead to difficulties in meeting course requirements. Extensive concurrent individual support is required.

If you score an overall total of 1 or 2 in the ELSA Test you must register for the course EL001, English Language Skills. You may not take EL001 in addition to a full course load. Therefore, in the semester in which you are registered for EL001 you should take one course fewer than normal.

Frequently Asked Questions about ELSA

Important message

All EL001 students who are able to attend classes on Laucala Campus must register for Face to face (On-Campus) mode.  There are classes after business hours for working students.

Those who can not study on campus should register for Print (DFL) mode, with compulsory tutorials.

All EL001 students must come to CELT, 1st floor, building 091, to sign up for tutorial classes.  Telephone 323 2062 for further advice.

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