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The School of Economics offers the B.Com, M.Com and PhD degrees in three program areas: Economics, Official Statistics and Population and Demography.

The School is one of the largest in the Faculty of Business and Economics with an establishment of 25 full time academic staff. We have a number of staff who are well renowned for good learning and teaching practices and outstanding research on Pacific Island and developing economies.

We also pride ourselves on an outstanding research record in areas of Poverty; Labour Market; Trade and Finance; Environment; Energy Policy; Pacific Business Environment; Monetary Policy; Growth; Migration; Foreign Direct Investment; Economics of Governance; and Population and Health Care.

The School of Economics takes a leading role in its contribution to community through national economy updates; research and consultancy; public policy dialogues; and public policy workshops for public and private sector executives and development dialogues.

The School fosters a high powered faculty / student interactive learning environment and offers its courses in the face to face and DFL mode. There are many exciting new initiatives and opportunities that the School offers to the students the membership to Economics Student Society; blended mode of course offerings in Official Statistics Programme; the opportunity to students to graduate in economics major via the distance and flexible mode of study; participation in economy updates and public policy debates; and an exciting teaching, learning and research environment.

We have an excellent record of placing our graduate students in highly competitive Pacific and international career openings in public and private sectors. A degree in Economics is a flexible qualification, which can open the door to a great variety of exciting and well-paying careers. Our graduates can be found all around the Pacific in various Government Ministries, the Reserve Banks, Commercial and Development Banks, and in a wide range of regional and international organizations such as the United Nations, the South Pacific Commission, the South Pacific Forum Secretariat, the South Pacific Regional Environment Programme and the USP itself. Our graduates are also well placed in public and private sectors around the world.

Our undergraduates have also proceeded to pursue higher degree studies in the USP School of Economics as well as at known Universities abroad.

The School website provides up-to-date information on School activities.

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