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Economics Student Association

USPESA was formed on 28th of July 2005. It was officially launched by Professor Bill Bhaskara Rao at the Oceania Centre. It is a student-run organization comprising students doing Economics, Official Statistics, Population Studies and Demongraphy courses in the school either as a major, minor or an elective. The association is guided by a Coordinator who is a representative from the School of Economics. The committee is headed by a President with a team of 12-14 members chosen on volunteer basis or through an election process to serve more than 1,000 current students in the school. 


The objectives of the Association are to:


It is absolutely FREE to join the association. Membership is extended to all students doings courses offered by School of Economics either as a major, minor or an elective.

ESA CoordinatorMs. Khushbu Rai

Events Planned for this Year

  1. Volunteer Program.
  2. ESA Debate Shield Challenge Competition.
  3. Staff and student get-together.
  4. Seminar/workshops conducted by USP School of Economics.

For Enquiries, please contact ESA Coordinator on: Ms. Khushbu Rai





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