Dr. Stephen Galvin - Geography

Dr. Stephen Galvin

Contact Information:

E-mail: Stephen.galvin(at)usp.ac.fj
Phone: +679 323 2215
Office: Room 5, SGESE Building, Lower Campus

Research Interests

Stephen’s research focuses on Biogeography, specifically the use of dendrochronology (tree-rings) as a means of understanding and contextualising environmental change. Tree-rings are one of the most valuable sources of proxy data due to the high resolution at which they record and reflect environmental variables. Stephen’s research has examined the impact of low-latitude and Icelandic volcanic eruptions on tree growth and climate. He has published on the benefits associated with using Taxus baccata (yew) in tree-ring research, the impact of volcanic eruptions on temperature regimes, and the positive impact of Iceland volcanic eruptions on tree-growth in Ireland. He is currently involved in an exploratory study investigating the use of tree-rings in reconstructing historical pollution patterns.  Stephen aims to develop dendrochronological research to investigate the long-term dynamics of one of Fiji’s most valuable assets – the rainforests.

Selected Publications

Galvin, S., Potito, A., Hickey, K. (2014) Evaluating the dendroclimatological potential of Taxus baccata (yew) in southwest Ireland. Dendrochronologia 32, 2: 144-152

Galvin, S. (2012) Using urban areas as field sites for physical geography – a case study examining weathering in Galway City, Ireland. Geographical Viewpoint 40: 28-33.

Galvin, S., Hickey, K., Potito, A. (2011) Identifying volcanic signals in Irish temperature observations since A.D. 1800. Irish Geography 44, 1: 97-110.

Galvin, S. (under review) Volcanic eruptions increase tree growth in Ireland. Dendrochronologia. 

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