Speech by HOS at Campus Directors Forum - Graduate School of Business

Welcome Speech by Professor RD Pathak during the Campus Directors Forum

Date: 9 May, 2017
Venue: Pacific Fusion Restaurant, USP Laucala Bay Campus


Professor Rajesh Chandra, Professor Richard Coll, Professor Som Naidu, Dr Paunga, and Fellow Colleagues from our University Campuses and all invited guests.On behalf of a very small but cohesive team at the Graduate School of Business, I extend to you all a very warm welcome.  My team and I at the Graduate School of Business look forward to this, once a year meeting, providing us with an opportunity to interact and share with you, our achievements as well as challenges. We have always considered ourselves as part of an extended family i.e. as one of the USP Campuses.  Together, we are trying to provide opportunities for quality management education to every person in every part of the Pacific and helping them to contribute to the socio-economic transformation of their countries.  At the Graduate School of Business we have always been driven by the bigger picture, therefore, we have achieved today what, otherwise, was very difficult to achieve, if not impossible.

Today, I have great pleasure in sharing with you our biggest achievement so far i.e. of getting reaccreditation of our MBA programme from Association of MBAs (AMBA) for a period of 5 years and that also without any conditions.  Normally, the reaccreditation is given for 3 years and invariably with some conditions.  To receive reaccreditation from AMBA for a maximum possible period of 5 years without any conditions is a testimony to the quality of our MBA programme.  Today we are not only amongst one of 232 elite Business Schools out of hundreds of thousands of Business Schools but today we are also amongst those few business schools accredited by AMBAs with this distinction.This achievement has been possible because of the support from all of you who have worked with us as our equal partners in our `Journey to excellence’.  It is because of your initiative and leadership that the University of the South Pacific flag keeps on flying in different parts of the Pacific.  It was indeed a proud moment for us when the Chief Executive Officer of AMBA in one of recent AMBA Annual Conferences mentioned regarding how impressed he was with the USP presence in some of the remotest and smallest countries in the Pacific region. We are also happy to note that when our Vice-Chancellor visits our campuses, he gets feedback from ministers and other shareholders regarding the impact that our MBA graduates have been making to their countries development.

I am also happy to inform you that our much awaited First ever MBA Cohort in Kiribati is commencing from this trimester.  Also, we are likely to start our fourth MBA Cohort in the Cook Islands as well as fourth MBA Cohort in the Marshall Islands from the third trimester supported by the Ministry of Health, the Government of Marshall Islands.  We are also very hopeful starting the much awaited and first ever MBA Cohort in Tuvalu from Trimester 3, 2017. In addition, we are looking forward to starting our MBA programme by next year in Papua New Guinea and, hopefully, by 2020, in Auckland, New Zealand. We will continue to serve the region and, on behalf of my team at the Graduate School of Business, I would like to thank our partners – i.e. Campus Directors –, and  USP Senior Management Team for helping us contribute to the mission of the University and to be part of an “Excellent University”.  

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