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When it comes to finding your way around USP as a new student or a visitor, it may be very difficult as itís a new environment and you may not be familiarized with where the buildings are, how they look and what is the shortest way to get to it. To lessen this struggle, a Campus Map mobile application (Android devices ONLY) has been designed.

The Campus Map mobile app is an intuitive tool that will help the new and the old students and visitors to find their way around in The University of the South Pacific. It allows students and the visitors to find their desired places in the campus such as Library, Book Centre, Lecture rooms, Cafeterias, ITS labs, Conference rooms, Student Academic Service building and many more. You will also be able to locate nearby Washrooms, Cafeteria, Security booth and other common places. The campus map app contains the navigation system as well that will allow the students and visitors to reach their selected destination easily. The routes that the app provides contains movement on foot as well as by car. The building information contain the building number, images and description about that building. Follow the instruction guide from here to download and use the app.


  • Map displays all the defined buildings within the University of the South Pacific.
  • You will be able to search for the rooms/building.
  • The App is be able to navigate you to requested room/building from the current location.
  • Navigation gives a sheltered, unsheltered and shortest pathway to the destination.
  • App works offline after first download, however it works more accurately online.
  • User can view the map in satellite mode.
  • The application can be used to make buildings visible and invisible from the map.
  • The application can be used to capture usersí feedback and comments.

Why Choose Campus Map App?

The campus map app is specifically designed for the University of the South Pacific. The map that the app uses contains the most detailed routes available within the University of the South Pacific which also includes the shortcut routes as well. 

The app also has a navigation system will allow the users to know whether they are moving in the right direction or not. This will enable them to be easily reach their destination in time.

  • The Campus Map App provides you the shortest route to the respective destination.
  • The app guides you throughout campus and directs you to places you do not know about.
  • The app saves your time and effort struggling to find places in the university.
  • The app provides shortcuts to a destination as well.

App Requirements

  • The Campus Map currently works ONLY Android phones.
  • The minimum android version needed to run the Campus Map App is version 5.1(Lollipop).
  • Ensure that Google Play Services is up to date.
  • Read Privacy Policy for Campus Map Mobile Application from here.

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