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Campus Director Inspires Staff to Pursue Education Opportunities.

Labasa Campus Director Dr Samuela Bogitini, has been inspirational in motivating his staff to pursue further education, and not settle for anything less. In light of his inspiration, five staff at Labasa Campus graduated together at the 20th September Graduation ceremony at Laucala Campus.

Loata Niumataiwalu and Abhishek Singh graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce. Ivamere Chand graduated with a PG Diploma in Management a first for Labasa Campus, while Ashmita Darshani and Madhu Lata graduated with their Masters of Education. Their success story is a true testament of sheer hard work, supportive family, and an inspirational leader at the helm of the workforce.

The 20th September graduation was special for the five staff at Labasa Campus as it was a time to celebrate, acknowledge and reminiscence on the long, difficult, challenging trek of education that they had pursued through DFL mode from Labasa Campus. However, one outstanding remark from one of the graduates were the challenging words of Dr Bogitini, “you cannot be sitting on that chair for more than 10 years, try to finish your qualification.” Those ringing words kept her grounded and pushed her to achieve her desired qualification.

Aristotle stated that “the roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet”. This famous line was true for the five Labasa staff graduates as they began their education journey some three years ago, or five years ago. One common testament that they shared was that in the duration of their studies, challenges never ceased to amaze them as it presented itself in many forms, and kinds. However, their steadfast faith in themselves and God, the encouragement of their spouses and family, inspirational words from their workmates, Campus Director and their desire to be proficient USP staff and accomplished individuals made them strive for excellence in their academic pursuits.

Loata Niumataiwalu, began her studies when her three children were at their tender ages. She juggled the many roles she had to perform alongside her late night assignments or satellite classes, and today she is proud of her achievement in attaining her BCom degree. She hopes to inspire others by stating that “Everything you do to accomplish your goal is already in you. It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop.”

Similarly, Abhishek Singh also a BCom graduate lamented that to be successful young people must “Always give first priority to their family who need them the most, and don’t hurt or make any elder cry because of their actions rather take their blessings by putting a smile on their face”.

Pioneer graduate of Postgrad Management and Public Admin, Ivamere Chand stated that she is a living testimony that everything is possible in life, having based her foundation on the bible verse; Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. She drew her source of inspiration from God, her family, colleagues and of course Dr. Bogitini who is always encouraging and motivating staff and students to continue studying. She believes that amidst challenges in life, one can achieve their dreams.

Masters of Education graduate Ashmita Darshani, laments that “as a working student, a student needs sheer level of encouragement from  co-workers in times of the many mishaps that happen, and a strong family support will always leverage ones chances of success. “Thus, she acknowledges the Campus Director for always making it paramount that the staff were all doing well and her colleagues for always being there for her.

Madhu Lata, also a Masters of Education graduate also states that she faced lot of challenges throughout her life but she never lost hope because she had faith in the Almighty showing her the pathway for her shining future.

Labasa Campus celebrated this milestone achievement and resounding success with a lunch. It is also a special achievement as it occurred for the first time in the 18 years of Labasa Campus existence, and it happening in the 50th Anniversary of USP’s existence in the Pacific.

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