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Talofa and welcome to the Tuvalu Campus of The University of the South Pacific. Tuvalu, formerly the Ellice Islands in the Gilbert and Ellice Island colony, comprises nine islands. These are scattered over 1.2 million square kilometers of the Pacific Ocean stretching in a North-South direction between latitudes 5 and 11 degrees south and over longitudes 176 and 180 degrees east. The total land area is 25.6 square kilometers. The population of Tuvalu is ethnically Polynesian, having close ties with Samoa and Tokelauans and the local language is Polynesian tongue closely related to that used in Samoa. The population was estimated to be more 11,000 in 2009 in accordance to the household surveys undertaken by the Secretariat of Pacific Community.

USP Tuvalu Campus

The USP Tuvalu Campus has been embedded well in the Tuvalu educational system and through the campus USP remains as the main provider of university education in Tuvalu. The campus was established as an extension centre in the late 1980s and has since supported print-based teaching and now more recently the upgrade of internet bandwidth through USPNet has observed much wider use of modern teaching and learning methods. 

The Tuvalu campus offers hundreds of courses through the distance learning technology from the main campus in Laucala. Students at the campus can listen to lectures broadcast from Laucala Campus in Fiji, use audio and video-conferencing facilities and employ the USPNet system for communication with lecturers and other students. Tapes of video broadcast sessions and audio conference tutorials are also available for the Tuvalu students on all nine islands. However, printed-based materials form as the primary method of distance delivery which are supplemented by a range of different media such as audio and video tapes; CD-ROMs and DVDs; satellite-based videoconferencing and audio conferencing, and e-learning using the Moodle platform. 

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