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Research in FBE

Research in FBE

FBEís ambition in research is to achieve strategic objectives  of impact and quality by undertaking high impact research in selected areas, reinforcing USPís commitment to a continual process of capacity building in the region within the broad context of relevance (ability to meet the needs of the region) and responsiveness (ability to continually reassess and respond to emerging challenges and changes in the environment).The faculty has the overarching goals of quality and relevance with a commitment to increase  quantity and  quality of its research output along with sustained focus and equity in research.

The extensive topics being researched by respctive staff members of the Faculty can be found on the following Tabs;

2006 Faculty Research

2006 Faculty Research

Pariniappa Goundar
Dispute Resolution in the Contemporary Fiji Police Force: Emerging Challenges

Andrew Manepora'a
Determine Economics Growth

Acklesh Prasad
Annual Readability: Evidence from Developing Capital Market

Shereen S Naicker
The Rise of Indo-Fijian Businesses Secrets of Success: Selected Case-Studies

Jone Lako (MA Theses)
Employment Relations Bill 2005 and Social Partners

Asso. Prof. Mahendra Reddy
Measuring Public Support & Identification of Determine for Water Supply Reforms in Fiji

Gyaneshwar Rao
Total Energy Demand Model for Urban Households

Michael B Naparau
The Economics of the Beef Industry in Vanuatu: Constraints and Opportunities for Development

Asso. Prof.Narendra Reddy
Rise and Slide of FSC

Prof. Biman Chand Prasad
Will A Devalution Boost Fiji's Export Performance? Empirical Evidence from the Computable General Equilibrium Model

Asi FKH Pasilio
Small Business Development in Tokelau: An Empirical Study of Small Businesses in the Three Atolls of Tokelau

Maureen F Karan
Public Enterprise Reforms in Fiji: Case of Telecom Fiji Ltd (Theses)

Baljeet Singh
Defence, Education & Health Expenditure in Fiji: 1970 - 2004

Prof. Biman Chand Prasad
Contribution of Trade in Service Towards Growth in Fiji

Asso. Prof. Mahendra Reddy
Sequential Probit Modelling of the Determinants of Child Labour: Is it A Case of Luxury, Distributional or Substitution Axiom

Prof. Biman ChandPrasad
The Review of Fiji's Taxation

Atishwar Pandaram
An Investigation of Customer Satisfaction & Service Quality at Nadi International Airport

Doreen D Kumari
Examination of Proposed Sugar Reform of Fiji Sugar Industry

2007 Faculty Research

2007 Faculty Research

 Jashwini Narayan
The Progress Towards ICT Development in Fiji

Jese verebalavu
Fiji Women in Fisheries & Business: Industrial and Artisanal

Dr. Filipo Tokalau
Globalise or Smile: Revisiting Ethnic in Tourism in Fiji

Neelesh Goundar
Education and Democratic Values in Fiji

Krishn Shah
Analysis of Legal Framework

Dr. Gurmeet Singh
Small Holders of Agriculture Farmers

Jese Verebalavu
Fijian Women in Fish Industry

Prof. Biman Chand Prasad
Kava Consumption Impact in Fiji

Asso. Prof. Mahendra Reddy
Food Consumption in Fijian Household

Jagjit Singh
Socio-economic Fijian Fisherman

Empirical Evidence from PNG

Jashwini Narayan
FTIB Role ICT Development

Prof. Biman Chand Prasad & Seone Lolesio
Tonga's WTO Accession: Preliminary Invesitigation of Revenue Implications for the Tongan Economy

Pritesh Narayan
Examination & Evaluation of Industrial Relations Mecahnisms in the Fiji Sugar Industry

Sudesh Kumar
Exploring the Impact of Diversity Management on Performance: A Case-Study on Vodafone Fiji

Rafia Naz (PhD Theses)
Governance in Fiji/Solomon Islands & PNG

Dr. Filipo Tokalau
Infrastructure & Toursim Development in Bua: A Focus on Wiriki Port, Yadua & Kubulau

Nacanieli Rika
Accounting & Accountability to Indigenous Fijians: A Pilot Study of Two Provincial Councils

Gyaneshwar Rao
The Economic Feasibility of Ethanol: Production form Sugar in Fiji

Asso. Prof. Mahendra Reddy & Dr. Gurmeet Singh
Viewers Attitude Towards TV Advertising in Fiji

Neelesh Goundar
Measuring the Effect of Foreign Aid on Growth: Further Evidence from Cross-Country Study

Jagjit Singh
Religious Beliefs & Work Ethics: A Survey of Christians, Hindus & Muslims in Fiji

Gaya Prasad(MA Theses)
Linking Attitude toi Business Performance: The Case of Indigenous Fijian Businesses

Rup Singh
Demand for Money in the Developed and Developing Countries: Panel Data Estimates

2008 Faculty Research

2008 Faculty Research

Prof. Biman Chand Prasad & Prof. Paresh Narayan
The Economic Analysis of Climate and Subjective Well Being in Small States: A Case- Study of Tuvalu and Fiji

Prof. Biman Chand Prasad & Prof. Paresh Narayan
Tourism and Political Instability in Fiji

Prof. Biman Chand Prasad& Dr. Pramila Devi
Socio-Economic & Political Impact of Mobile Phones Usage on Women in Fiji

Emalini Nakabea
Reconciling the Fijian Culture

Dr. Anand Chand
Analysis of Industrial Upgrading in Fiji Garment Industry

Jagjit Singh
A Survey of Visitor Preferences to Fiji

Atishwar Pandaram
Quality Management Practices of Organisations in Fiji

Azmat Gani
Pacific Island Countries Trade with Asia

Siaosi Kavapalu
Tonga Investment Policies in the Past Decade

Rusiate Vakaloloma
Changing Policy Direction: The Case of Rewa Dairy Company

Sosiua Makoni Pulu
Tonga Import Duty Policy Reform

Masilina Tuiloa
Accounting & Accountability of Provincial Council Companies in Fiji

Rup Singh (PhD Theses)
A Contribution to the Econometrics of Growth Economics

Rejieli Liligeto (PhD Theses)
Consumer Perception Towards the Advertising Media in Fiji

Prof. Mahendra Reddy & Dr. Pramila Devi
Micro-credit and Saving Schemes Amongst Women's Clubs in Fiji

Neelesh Gounder
What Makes USP Students Happy?

Prof. R.D Pathak & Dr. Gurmeet Singh
Organisational Capabilities, Leadership and Competitiveness

Aarti Sewak (MA Theses)
Assesing the Effectiveness of Social Marketing in Raising Awareness about HIV/AIDS in Fiji

Josiah Maesua (MA Theses)
Achieving Self-Sufficiency through Income Generating Projects in Vocational Instituions: A Case Study of COM Schools in the Solomon Islands

2009 Faculty Research

2009 Faculty Research

Litiana L.K. Temo (MADS Theses)
Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Community-Based Conservation of MarineResources: A Case Study of Viwa Island

Mani Mua (MAgri Theses)
Studies on the Occurrence and Impact of the Hibiscus Erineum Mite on Hibiscus rosa-sinensis in the Pacific Island Countries

Sharan Ram (MADS Theses)
Improving Access and Quality of Basic Education in Fiji

Suwastika Naidu (MCom Theses)
A Critical Analysis of Employers/ Managers Awareness and Knowledge of Employment Relations Promulgation (2007)

Wame Salabogi (MAgri Theses)
Studies on the Occurrence and Impacts of Erythrina Gall Wasp (Quadrastichus erythrinae) in Samoa

Marika Kuilamu (MA Tourism)
Operationalizing Tourism Carrying Capacity Assessment in Fiji: A Case Study of Two Resorts and their Neighbouring Communities on the Island of Kadavu

2010 Faculty Research

2010 Faculty Research

Dr Alumita Durutalo (SGDIA)
Sowing Representative Democracy in the University of the South Pacific Region:Political party Analysis and Election Observation in the Kingdom of Tonga 2010

Dr Stephen Pratt (STHM)
Dolphin Tourism in Fiji

Mr Dawn Gibson (PhD-STHM)
The Challenges and training needs of indigenous owned small medium tourism enterprises (SMTEs) in Fiji. Case studies of indigenous owned budget accommodation in the Yasawa and Mamanuca Groups in Fiji

Naolah Pitia (MCOM-SMPA)
The impact of corporatization on service quality and customer satisfaction: A case study on Solomon Islands Postal Corporation

Krishneel Chand (MCOM-SMPA)
Regional Economic Integration and the Survival and Growth of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Fiji

Moureen Chand (MCOM-SMPA)
The impact of Regional Trade Agreements on the Business Community in Fiji

Maraia Tavo (MA-STSM)
Service Delivery in a Socio-cultural context: A case study of Air Pacific Limited

Aarti Sewak (MCOM- SMPA)
Assessing the Effectiveness of the Social Marketing in Raising Awareness about HIV/Aids in Fiji

Ronald Kumar (MADS)
Assessing the Effectiveness of the Social Marketing in Raising Awareness about HIV/Aids in Fiji

Jokepeci Qiolevu (MA IA)
The role of the South Pacific Forum/Pacific Islands Forum in Fiji after the 1987, 2000 and 2006 coups

Easter Silipa(MADS SRP)
Perceptions of Samoans on the underrepresentation of women in Parliament

Baljeet Singh(PhDEco)
Impact of Microfinance: A case study of Fiji

Pardeep Lal(MADS)
The Management and Governance of Post-Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation in Fiji

Raijieli Bulatale (PhDDS)
My Brotherís Keeper: An ethnographic study of engendering conflict management in Susui Village through the traditional indigenous ĎNeiímodel

Simione Chambers (MADS)
For Whom the School Bell Tolls: A case study of Early School Leaving in Nabua, Suva

Asilika Rainima (MADS)
Women Entrepreneurship and Socio-economic Implications in Fiji: Case Studies of Tailevu Rural and Suva City

Isoa Koroiwaqa (MAGS)
Community-based marine resource Management and state laws and policies in Fiji

Alisi Daurewa (MADS)
Colonial Ghost in Island Business: A case study of Kadavu Holdings Limited

Pranit Pravinesh Sami (MADS)
Violence against Children in Fiji: A case study of Suva City

Kamni Narayan (MADS)
Urban Women Participation and Livelihoods in Informal Sector in Fiji

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