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The Laucala Campus of the University of the South Pacific (USP) has reached a critical phase in its development. A detailed campus Master plan was prepared in 1984 by the Australian Department of Housing and Construction, and this has guided the initial phase of building and site development. However, a number of more recent projects have also departed to varying degrees from this Master plan. While these departures may well have been a result of project-specific requirements and other factors that could not have been anticipated in 1984, there is a very real risk that the quality of the Campus environment will be reduced by building projects that are not also part of a coherent and integrated overall plan.

The University is proposing further building development in the near future, and it is therefore timely  that the 1984 plan should be reviewed and where appropriate updated, prior to implementing further projects.

Objectives and Activities

Documentation [1] will be provided by the University to assist the Consultant

  1. To review the plan, taking account of the developments since 1984 that both conform to or depart from the 1984 plan.
  2. To establish the preferred locations for buildings currently being proposed by the University.
  3. To identify the preferred locations for building development in the longer term, and to indicate in broad terms of the type of accommodation envisaged in each location.
  4. To identify issues associated with the further development of campus open spaces, and where appropriate to suggest open space design objectives and/or design features.
  5. To evaluate existing provisions for pedestrian circulation within the central campus area, and to identify issues and design objectives in respect of future provisions for pedestrian movement.
  6. To evaluate existing patterns of roading and car parking, including car parking standards and where appropriate to identify issues and/or features in respect of future provisions for vehicle movements and parking.
  7. To review and recommend standards to be used by the University for its property and facilities.
  8. To provide an updated Master plan.

The review and updating should also take account of or reflect a number of institutionally determined or agreed considerations. These include:

  1. The anticipated focus and direction of the University’s academic programmes.
  2. The projected growth in student and staff numbers and hence the extent of accommodation eventually required.
  3. The effective use of existing facilities, and project short/medium term accommodation requirements.
  4. Issues related to sports recreation and other leisure activities and other student amenities.
  5. Issues relating to the use and maintenance of campus open spaces and associated planting, particularly the desirability of the Campus to be a natural arboretum and a showcase for indigenous flora.
  6. The views of the University community in respect of the physical environment of the existing campus, its strengths and weaknesses.

The following comments are offered in respect of each of the above:

  1. The anticipated focus and direction of the University’s academic programmes

      The 1984 Master plan report assumed that future emphasis would be on a broad curriculum rather than on the development of specialist schools. It would be appropriate for the University to reaffirm, qualify or revise its academic focus and direction and to include any other strategic matters that might have an impact upon campus facilities.

  1. Projected growth

      The eventual size and extent of the campus will be a function of the projected size of the institution on its Laucala Campus, and the capacity of the campus site in respect of its physical development. Where long-term growth projects are able to be established, these provide a helpful basis for the review and further development of the Master plan.

      Where it is not possible to make such projections, then parameters for the optimal physical development of the campus and the quality of the campus environment offer an initial basis for establishing the extent of future development.

  1. Existing facilities, and short/medium term accommodation requirements

The university has identified a number of proposed building projects. In each case it is assumed that existing facilities are unable to accommodate these requirements. In some cases this may be self-evident (for example, in the case of requirements for highly specialised facilities, or for facilities in a particular location on the campus). However, in other instances it may be that new requirements could be accommodated by the more effective use of existing facilities. This may be achieved in a number of ways, including the possible relocation of existing units.

The potential to more effectively use existing facilities requires an in-depth understanding of their existing occupancy and extent of use, and the on-going monitoring of this. Proposed building projects and their respective accommodation needs may then be evaluated against this database.

While a full review of the use of existing facilities may not be possible prior to the proposed Master plan review, such a database would provide an important basis for the determination of future accommodation needs.

  1. The use and maintenance of campus open spaces

The campus open spaces constitute the single most important factor in determining the character of the campus and the quality of the experience enjoyed by staff, students and visitors. The campus presently exhibits a variety of approaches to planting and soft landscape, and some open spaces have become planted to the extent that this appears to be limiting their use and creating a need for regular maintenance of the ground surface.

  1. The views of the University community in respect of the physical environment of the existing campus

The review and further development of the 1984 Master plan provides an opportunity for the University community to articulate its views on the existing campus environment and its aspirations for the future campus. Such views may cover a wide range of issues, and potentially have a bearing upon the various matters to be addressed in the master plan – principally buildings, open spaces, pedestrian and vehicle access, and car parking.

The Master plan consultants will consult appropriately with University stakeholders including staff, students and other statutory and/or professional bodies (such as the Suva City Council and Fiji Institute of Engineers).


The Consultant’s Output should include:

  1. A plan or plans at 1:1000 scale indicating the existing development and proposed future development of the campus. Plans to be in both hardcopy and soft copy with soft copy to be in Autocad format, preferably geo-referenced.

  2. A design report in A3 format, with text and supporting diagrams as appropriate, with both hard and soft copies provided by the Consultant. The content of the report would include the following:

Required Consultant Skills

 This Consultancy requires:

  1. Extensive experience with faculty and campus planning within tertiary / higher education institutions
  2. Knowledge and understanding of trends and developments in campus design and layout
  3. Ability to deliver practical and workable solutions that recognise both the environment and resources available


The expected timeframe for this consultancy is 60 days.

A draft submission is required by 16 October 2009. Comments will be provided within 30 days and the final submission should be submitted to the Vice Chancellor by 10 December 2009.

Lines of Accountability

The Consultancy will be supervised by the Vice Chancellor through the Project Manager.


Consultants wishing to tender for this contract should send a detailed Curriculum Vitae with a proposal detailing expertise and previous experience of similar reviews, proposed methodology, costing and confirming availability to the contact below and received no later than 4.00pm on Friday 12 June 2009.

Mrs. Marica Tabualevu
Project Manager
Governance and Management Strengthening & Enhancement Project
The University of the South Pacific
Private Mailbag, Laucala Campus, Suva, Fiji Islands

Tel: (679) 3232074
Fax: (679) 3231521

Tenders may be submitted by email to: governanceproject(at)usp.ac.fj by the closing date with a copy being mailed to the above address.

[1]        The University will make available:


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