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Congratulations on your admission to The University of the South Pacific. Before you embark on your studies this semester, we would like to ensure that you have all the correct information in relation to your studies. Please click on the links provided below for valuable information that will assist you with your registration.

Enrolment Pack

Orientation and Academic Advise

Orientation and Academic Advisory Sessions

O - Week - Coming to University for the first time may seem quite overwhelming at first, so in order to make your transition as smooth as possible we have organized an Academic Advisory Session especially for you. This practical approach will ensure that you are able to find your bearings, receive the necessary academic advise from your respective Faculty advisors before you commence a semester of serious studies.

Academic Advisory Schedule:

Ensure that you visit your respective Faculty/ Section should you wish to seek academic advise on your programme or courses. Click on your Faculty/Section link below for confirmed semester II 2015 times and venues for the week.

  • Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE)
    • School of Accounting and Finance
    • School of Agriculture and Food Technology
    • School of Governance and Development Studies
    • School of Land Management and Development
    • School of Management and Public Administration
    • School of Tourism and Hospitality Management
    • Pacific Island Centre for Public Administration

Click here for directions to Student Administrative Services (SAS), Laucala Campus

How to Register Online

View How to Register Online via Youtube

How to Register Online

Student Charter

The Student Charter

The Student Charter is a document developed by the Students Association of USP and the University outlining the responsibilties of both you, as a student, and the University during the course of your studies.

This document applies to all registered students of the University undertaking taught or research programmes throughout our 12 USP regional campuses.

( View Online || Download) (size: 47KB)

Academic Honesty Policy

Academic Honesty

The Academic Honesty Policy is designed to inform and provide guidance to students on the issue of academic honesty at the university and is applicable to any student that is enrolled for a USP course or thesis as part of a USP academic programme. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with this important policy


Enrolment Checklist

Ensure that your enrolment for the semester is on track by referring to the Enrolment Checklist

Fees & Payment Options


How Do I Pay My Fees?

The following three options are available to assist you in making your fee payment each semester/trimester


What are the fees charges for this year?

Important Dates


Immigration Requirements

Regional and international students are advised to read and familiarize themselves with the standard Immigration requirements before submitting Study Permit applications


Preliminary & Foundation Students

Preliminary & Foundation Students

High School Leavers accepted into the following programmes in 2015 through the College of Foundation Studies, are strongly advised to read through the following information to familiarize themselves with their programme structure:

Fiji Seventh Form Examination Entrants

1.2 To be eligible for admission to degree studies, under clause 1.1 (a), persons who have taken a Senate-recognised Form 7 or equivalent examination must obtain in that examination an aggregate mark of not less than 250 out of 400 with a minimum of 50 marks each in English and three other subjects. Special admission requirements also
apply for certain degree programmes and are listed under the faculty in which the programme is offered.

1.3 Alternative Pathway to Degree Studies  from Fiji Seventh Form or Year 13 Certificate Examination

Persons who wish to be admitted to a bachelor's degree but fail to meet the requirements in 1.2 above must first comply with the following requirements:

(a) Persons Scoring 250 or More But Passed Less Than Four FSFE Subjects Persons who have taken the Fiji Seventh Form Examination and obtained in four subjects an aggregate mark of 250 or more but did not pass English, Mathematics or a fourth subject shall be required to register for at least one Foundation course that is equivalent to the course or courses failed at the Form 7 examination and is relevant to the person’s proposed degree programme of study. Such persons may, subject to satisfying the prerequisites, be allowed to register for up to two degree courses. Persons scoring below 40% in Form Seven English will be required to take LLF11 and LLF114 plus the appropriate number of degree courses under unclassified studies.

Fiji Sixth Form Examination Entrants

Admission Requirements for Preliminary Programme

To be admitted to a Preliminary Programme a person shall have:

a) successfully completed Form 5 and must submit a satisfactory school report and reference from the School Principal when applying for admission.

b) Failure to Meet USP Requirement

Persons Scoring 250 But Passed Less Than Four Year FSLC Subjects

(i) Students who attain a score of 250 but pass fewer than four subjects will be admitted to the Unclassified Preliminary Programme and required to register for one or two Preliminary courses, to become eligible for Foundation studies. They may take up to three Foundation courses provided their semester registration does not exceed four courses.

Persons Scoring 200 – 249 in Four FSLC Subjects

(ii) Students who attain a score of 200-249 in Form 6 will be required to register for the Preliminary equivalent of the Form 6 subjects failed. They may take up to three Foundation courses in subjects in which they have attained the mark of 65% or
more, subject to (a) and (b) below.

(a) Students scoring 240-249 must register for at least one Preliminary course and not more than two Foundation courses. Students who fail two Form 6 subjects will be required to register for two Preliminary courses and may register for 2 Foundation courses, while students who fail three Form 6 subjects will be required to register for three Preliminary courses and one Foundation course.

(b) Students scoring 200-239 must register for at least two Preliminary courses and not more than one Foundation course. However, if a student has failed three Form 6 subjects he/she will be required to register for three Preliminary courses
and one Foundation course.

In addition to the above requirements anyone who has scored less than 40% in Form 6 English will be required to do LLP13 and LLP14 and pass both before being admitted to the Foundation Programme.

c) met the mature student admission criteria.  


English Language Skills Assessment Test

The University requires all degree students to sit for an English proficiency test, English Language Skills Assessment (ELSA). The purpose of ELSA is to identify students who need to acquire the English language skills needed for successful university studies.

ELSA Test dates and Further Information


Thesis Matters

Thesis Matters

Are you unsure of your thesis registration code, do you want to find out more information on how the University Research Office and your Faculty can assist you? If your answer is 'yes' click on the following links for general information that will assist you.


Research @ the Faculties:

Compulsory Courses

Compulsory University Courses


Students admitted to a degree programme in 2010 are only required to take 2 x 100 level university courses (ie. UU114 and UU100) as part of their programme.

Students admitted to a degree programme in 2011 are required to take 2 x 100 level and 2 x 200 level university courses (ie. UU114, UU100, UU200 and UU204) as part of their programme.

Students registered in the following programmes/majors are to register for UU100A in place of UU100

1.    Majoring in Accounting, Computing Science, Information Systems and Electrical/Electronic Engineering

2.      Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronics), Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), Bachelor of Net Centric Computing or Bachelor of Software Engineering.

Students from BE or B.Com AF&IS major who have already successfully completed UU100 will not be required to do UU100A.

Handbook/ Calendar

USP Handbook/ Calendar

Find out more information on your programme, courses and USP regulations.

Click here to view the 2015 USP Handbook and Calendar

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