Community Legal Centre


Community Legal Centre

What is The University of the South Pacific Community Legal Centre?

The University of the South Pacific (USP) Community Legal Centre is the first student based community legal centre in the South Pacific region.

What is a Community Legal Centre?

A community legal centre is like a law firm where members of the public who can not afford a lawyer are given free legal assistance. Community legal centres also provide legal information to the community so that more people are aware of their legal rights.

Who runs the USP Community Legal Centre?

The USP Community Legal Centre is operated by final year students from the USP Law School under the guidance and supervision of USP staff who are experienced and qualified lawyers. Students who enroll in the course attend the legal centre one afternoon each week.

The Student Advisors interview clients about their legal problems and then consult with one of the qualified lawyers from the University staff.

What services does the Legal Centre provide?

The Legal Centre provides clients with assistance in relation to civil matters such as family law, land law, contract, personal injuries, domestic violence, consumer complaints, work place injuries, motor vehicle accidents, debt, tenancy and wills.

The Legal Centre provides written and oral advice, prepares letters of demand, assists with mediation and prepares court documents and other legal documents. Occasionally the Legal Centre will represent clients at Court.

The Legal Centre also produces a series of brochures, which are available in English, Bislama, and French, and which provide information about the legal system and contemporary legal issues in Vanuatu. You can access these brochures through this web-site. There is no fee for using the brochures. If you wish to change the brochures, you must contact the Community Legal Centre.

Where is the Legal Centre?

The Legal Centre is situated at the Emalus Campus of The University of the South Pacific in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

How are we supported?

The Legal Centre is run by The University of the South Pacific and gratefully acknowledges the support and contribution of:

  • AusAID - the Australian Agency for International Development
  • New South Wales Attorney General's Department
  • NZAID - New Zealand's International Aid and Development Agency
  • Canadian International Development Agency
  • The French Embassy, Vanuatu

For more information:

For further information about the USP Community Legal Centre, contact:

    Manager, The University of the South Pacific Community Legal Centre
    PMB 9072
    Port Vila, Vanuatu
    Tel: (678) 27026
    Fax: (678) 25543
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University of the South Pacific
Community Legal Centre
PMB 9072
Port Vila, Vanuatu
Phone: (+678) 27026
Fax: (+678) 25543