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Is Continuing Education Important?

Student Academic Services help students to choose a course to continue his/her education.

And why does USP run a Continuing and Community Education (CCE)
program in the Marshall Islands?

This is one question that many potential CCE students
ask themselves, not only about how much money they're going to spend, but, it is because of their times. The question, however, should be:

Can you afford NOT to continue your education?

Continuing Your Education to Earn a Degree, Diploma or Certificate    

Continuing Your Education to Improve Your Skills

Here's why:

  • Those who continue their education will earn more money in their chosen
    profession either because they will be promoted or be able to apply for
    greater jobs and professions.
  • This increases with each level you attain, be it a certificate, diploma,
    bachelors or masters degree.
  • Increasingly, if you have not continued your education past high
    school, then, it is impossible to find employment, so, going to school might be the smartest choice.
  • Continuing Education courses are designed to meet national work force
    development priorities.
  • You may don't have to worry about 'how much money it will be costing',  
  • because there are many scholarships, work-study programs, grants and financial aid applications available for students.

"Continuing your education is one of the most important decisions
that you'll make, so it is important for you to do your research to find
out as much information as you can before making your decision on
which courses to take. Then dive in, apply for the course you want to
take, do the hard yards and enjoy the fruits of your labor."



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