School of Education

School of Education

Postgraduate Diploma in Education

Admission Requirements

  • The Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) is available to those who have obtained a GPA of at least 3 in the 200-level and 300-level education courses in their first degree.

To obtain this qualification, the students have to pass FOUR (4) courses from;

  1. ED451 (Culture & Education) - The course will involve explorations of the relationships between education (as institution and process), and cultural values and influences, with specific references to Pacific Island societies.

  2. ED454 (Advanced Educational Measurement and Evaluation) - This 400-level course includes two foci. Focus 1: Planning assessment of student performance - the course is designed to be flexible and experiential for students to(1)plan and construct School-based...

  3. ED455 (Advanced Curriculum Theory) - The purpose of this course is to enable students to identify and explain the significant issues in the current curriculum debate.

  4. ED456 (Studies In Science Education) - The course will provide opportunities for students to explore issues and recent research in science education in some depth.

  5. ED457 (Advanced Study of Education in Small Island States) - The course will provide opportunities for students to study the following four general themes: recent research on the nature of the relationships between education and development; the extent to which educational directions form and are influenced by the development process...

  6. ED459 (Advanced Educational Research) - The course is designed for graduates with an interest in educational research. The general objective is to equip various types of educational practitioners and prospective educational researchers with some advanced knowledge and skills relevant to educational research.

  7. ED461 (Global Educational Instruments) - The course will critically examine four global educational initiatives - MDGs, EFA, UNLD and UNDESD, especially their underlying values and ideals as well as their goals and target dates.

  8. ED466 (Studies in Mathematics Education) - This course is for those who wish to specialise in mathematics education. The course considers how descriptions of mathematics as a field of study influence the content, teaching and assessment of mathematics.

  9. ED491 (Advanced Educational Administration) - This course is normally available to students who have experience as qualified teachers or administrators in the educational systems of the South Pacific.

  10. ED492 (Educational Planning in Third World Countries) - This course is normally available only to students who have experience as teachers and administrators of education in the educational systems of the South Pacific.

  11. ED493 (Policy Studies In Education) - Information to be provided when available.

Note: Please click on the course codes to access detailed information about the course from the USP database.

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