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Assuring Quality in Academic Programmes

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What is this handbook for?

This handbook is a guide to academic policies and procedures. It should be used by all academic staff members in carrying out their academic activities. It should also be used by administration staff and other staff who deal with academic matters.

It is for the assistance and guidance of staff that this handbook has been produced.

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The only official version of this handbook is the electronic version that can be found on this web page of the Quality Office. 

If you print this document, or any of the associated documents, please be aware that the printed document may become superseded by later amendments. Therefore always check with the web version.

What is in this guide?

Why have quality assurance?

Committees Relevant to Academic Quality: this section defines the membership and terms of reference for the various committees that deal with academic Programmes.

Policies and Procedures for Assuring the Quality of Academic Programmes: this section defines the policies and procedues relating to the development of new Programmes, the accreditation by USP Council of all Programmes, the monitoring and review of Programmes, and audits.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs (see FAQs in Index below)

To help people understand the new policies and processes, we have started a page of frequently-asked questions, with answers.  If your question is not there, then you can email it to Dr. Sereana Kubuabola


Academic Standards and Quality Committee

Accreditation of New Programmes

Accrediting Existing Programmes - see Programme Review and Reaccreditation of Academic Programmes

Advisory Committee - see Programme Advisory Committees

Amendments to Programmes - see Major & Minor Amendments under Programme

Approval of a new Programme - see
Accreditation of New Programmes
 under Programme

Assessment and Associated Regulations - see page 443 of 2013 USP Handbook and Calendar

Academic Progress Regulations - see page 453 of 2013 USP Handbook and Calendar


Boards of Studies - see Faculty & School Committees


Committees Relevant to Academic Quality

Council - Ordinances
Council - Standing Orders


  • Course Definition -see page 24 of 2013 USP Handbook and Calendar

  • Changes to a Programme - see Major and Minor Amendments under Programme

Discipline Committee - see Student Discipline Committee

Admission, Registration, Withdrawal and Auditing Regulations - see page 434 of 2013 USP Handbook and Calendar

Examination Manual for Examiners and Supervisors

External Advisers

Faculty & School Committees:

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Framework for Managing Quality at USP - see Quality Strategy

Graduate Destination Survey (GDS) - see Surveys & Feedback

Help - see FAQs

Instigation of a New Programme - see Accreditation of New Programmes under Programme

Library Advisory Committee

Policies and Procedures for Assuring the Quality of Academic Programmes - see Programme


Major Amendments to Programmes (see Minor Amendments also)

Minor Amendments to Programmes (see Major Amendments also)

Form 3 - Minor Amendments (use for minor changes to Programmes)

Quality Assurance

Quality Audit - see External & Internal Audit
Quality Policy 
Quality Strategy - Framework for Managing Quality at USP
Quality Unit


Senate - see Committees
Student Discipline Committee
Student Evaluation of Courses (SEC)

Surveys & Feedback

Validation of a New Programme - see Accreditation of New Programmes

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