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August 10, 2005 USP students taking collaborative learning to another level

Some USP Video-broadcast Course students are learning fast from their teachers and are producing presentations which are in turn made available online for use as resource material for their colleagues on-campus and in...[more]

August 10, 2005 Funds available for DFL Research

The AusAID DFL Project has set aside some funds for research in the relevant areas of our DFL initiatives at USP. The research project may be research-in-action (action research) or research-on-action (Department, School or...[more]

July 26, 2005 JICA Expert farewelled at DFLSC

JICA expert Dr Kader Pramanik was farewelled today by the Distance & Flexible Learning Support Centre after serving in USP for the last 10 months. Dr Pramanik took over from Wade Miyagi after the latter returned to...[more]

June 22, 2005 "Alaska and the South Pacific have a lot in common" Curt Madison

In a presentation titled "Distance Education in Alaska: Archipelago on land" a visiting academic compared the challenges faced by South Pacific island communities to those faced by village communities in...[more]

June 22, 2005 Exciting Okinawa—Reflections from Counterpart Training

DFLSC’s Ashwini Datt (Course Development Assistant) returned from Okinawa, Japan after spending 4 exciting months there as part of JICA’s DFL component of the ICT capacity building project. In that period, Ashwini...[more]

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June 22, 2005 Vijendra back with gospel of Learning Objects for design

Former DFLSC Instructional Designer Mr Vijendra Lal who is now based with OTEN in NSW, Australia returned to his old workplace to visit with former work collegues and also gave an enlightening presentation on a Learning...[more]

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June 22, 2005 Dr Pramanik highlights Activities & Achievements through the JICA Project

Participants at the two-day regional conference on “ICT Towards the Future—Project Achievements as a Milestone for USP” marked the end of the three-year JICA project (ICT Capacity Building at USP) and...[more]

Category: DFL News & Events

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