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Maths Race

Maths Race


To motivate students to solve mathematics problem, the Faculty of Science Technology and Environment (FSTE) is introducing the MATHS RACE. This is a ten weeks race to collect points while solving Mathematics quizzes, puzzles, riddles and game. Students can redeem their points for prizes during the race or they can accumulate their points to compete for the major prizes at the end of the race.


Race Objective

  1. To motivate students to solve Mathematics problems
  2. To engage students in Mathematics
  3. To build a Mathematics community
  4. To help students realise that solving Maths problems can be fun
  5. To help students connect mathematics and the real world
  6. To solve Pacific context problems
  7. To encourage students to constantly check for Faculty updates on the FSTE media outlets



Race Rule

  1. The race is open to all current USP students
  2. Race is FREE
  3. Students have to submit their solution within a given time frame 
  4. Students can submit their solution more than once
  5. All answers must be sent to the email mathsrace@usp.ac.fj from a USP student email account.



  • Laptop
  • Portable Hard Drive
  • Power Bank
  • Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
  • 3 luck draw surprise prizes
  • Movie Vouchers
  • Recharge
  • Book Voucher
  • USB (16 GB)

Question Types

Question type

A. Weekly question - This will be post every Thursday. This question allows students to collect points as specified below:


  • 30 - 1st correct solution
  • 20 - 2nd correct solution
  • 10 - 3rd correct solution
  • 5 – 4th-10th correct solution
  • 2 - for every other correct solution

B. Pop Up Question - This will be posted anytime in the week. It will allow students to collect bonus points. The bonus points will be communicated with the question.

Question Location

Where can I view the questions

  • FSTE Face Book Page
  • Students Email
  • FSTE Newsletter
  • SLS Hub Notice Board

Prize Category

Prize Category

Category A –Weekly Draw
20 bonus points will be awarded each week to either the 1st or 10th or 100th correct answer received or a lucky draw from all the participants. Criteria will be communicated weekly.

Category B- Redeemable Prizes
Students can redeem their points for prizes during week 5 and week 10 of the race.

Redeem Bundles


   Redeem Bundles

     Movie Vouchers

        30 points 


        30 points 

     Book Voucher

        40 points 

     USB (16 GB)

        40 points 

Category C- Major Prizes
The major prizes will be given at the end of the race.


       Criteria Prize 

Highest points


2nd Highest points

 Portable Hard Drive

3rd Highest points

 Power Bank

Consistent participation (participates in all competition, if more than one then go for the one that respond early)

 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

3 luck draw prizes

 Surprise (Based on stock left from redeemable prizes)



Participant can collect the prizes one week after the redeem week.
For queries contact mathsrace@usp.ac.fj

Race Team

Race Team

  • Associate Professor Dr. Bibhya Sharma:
    Acting Dean – FSTE  
    Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment
    Phone: (+679) 3232069

  • Ms. Aluwesi Fonolahi:
    Student Learning Specialist
    Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment 
    Phone: (+679) 3231729

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