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UU200: Ethics and Governance

Course Coordinator: Dr. Margaret Mishra

UU200 "Ethics and Governance" is one of four University courses taught at USP, required of all undergraduates, and is hosted in SGDIA.

Ethics and Governance provides students with interdisciplinary insight into ethics generally and the ethics of governance specifically. Students explore ethical theories and philosophies (in terms of virtues, consequences and duties), and link these to structures of governance -- in particular, political, corporate and global governance. This framework is then used to delve into the fascinating yet controversial field of "applied ethics," ranging through legal, corporate and workplace ethics, social justice issues and controversial ethical dilemmas. Students are encouraged to think critically, develop self-awareness and learn how to make responsible ethical decisions in personal and professional contexts.

UU200 is offered to face-to-face students at USP's Laucala Campus and is available through DFL and flexi-school modes.

For more information, please contact the Course Coordinator.

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