Last Updated: June 28, 2005
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USPNet Upgrade

Since 2002, the JICA Project has been working very closely with USP on the planning, design of USPNet.
In August 2002, Mr. Yamamoto, JICA short-term expert, visited USP to work on the planning of the upgrade and design of the USPNet.
Mr. Keith Moala and Mr. Yamamoto's report supported by Dr. Sugiura, has since been completed in the form of "Short- Term Action Plan for the USPNet Enhancement" and "Medium to Long Term Plan for the USPNet Enhancement".
As part of USP's "Medium to Long-term Plan for the USPNet enhancement to IP-based Network", JICA and USP have agreed to each support six member countries in the first step of the long-term plan for USP enhancement.
JICA will support Fiji, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Kiribati, Tonga and Samoa. USP Project is planning to provide equipment that will allow for more flexibility in the use of the current bandwidth. Upon the delivery of equipment, the Information Technology Services from Laucala campus will provide the necessary technical assistance. Project plans to invite short term experts to advise USP staff on how to upgrade broadband for USPNet.

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