Last Updated: June 28, 2005
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Course Announcement:

Intelligent Systems
Laucala Campus (Only), Semester 1, 2005

USP CS course, "Intelligent Systems, CS491", is currently being offered in semester 1, 2005. This course will be conducted live via satellite from the University of Electro Communications (UEC), Japan using Internet Protocol (IP)-Based technology for the lectures to enable for a more interactive and practical course.

The commencement date for the course is 22nd February, 2005 at the Postgraduate Advanced Lab, Department of Maths and Computing Science. The course tuition fee is equivalent to one postgraduate unit course fee at USP, $760.

The course aims to introduce students to Intelligent Systems based on Rule, Frame, Bayesian Reasoning, Fuzzy Logic, Neutral Network and Evolutionary Computation. The goal of Artificial Intelligence as a science is to make machines do things that would require intelligence if done by humans. Students will be expected to develop small rule-based systems, design a fuzzy system, explore neural networks, and implement a single problem as a genetic algorithm. Students will also use Prolog, and MATLAB Fuzzy Logic Toolbox.

This is the second time that a course has been offered as such from UEC. The first course offered in this mode was "Advanced Information Engineering for Small Business with Open Source Software CS493", in semester 1, 2004, and was the result of a partnership with JICA and the Department of Maths and Computing Science.

For more course details:

Contact: Dr. Jito Vanualailai
Head of Department Maths and Computing Sciences
Tel: 323 2277