Last Updated: June 29, 2005
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Computing Science

The main aims of the CS component were to improve the quantity and quality of CS lecturers from member countries, to create a variety of courses both in distance and face-to-face mode, to enhance USP-Net, and to maintain CS laboratories.

Various activities were undertaken during the three years of the Project:

  • Following an introductory Linux Course by Prof. Takahashi, the internationally recognized Linux Certificate courses were introduced through the Project in 2003 and 2004 for the first time in Fiji. From a total of twenty-nine participants, seven certified engineers and seven certified technicians have emerged, and it is anticipated that an Academy will be established at USP in 2005.

  • Visiting guest lecturers on specific topics such as Network Security by Dr. Ohno provided a unique learning experience for Computer Science students, USP staff and government personnel.

  • To provide a greater variety of postgraduate opportunities, two Computer Science courses were offered live via satellite from the University of Electro Communications in Japan for the first semester in 2004 and 2005. Using Internet Protocol or IP based technology for the lectures has also enabled the provision of more interactive and practical course content.

  • The project experts worked closely with USP colleagues on the enhancement of the USPNet system. The current 155 Megabytes per second bandwidth for USP is only benefiting Fiji itself, so the satellite link to remote sites needs upgrading to disperse the benefits of AARNet right across the USP region. In preparing for the development of the new IP-based network, short-term expert, Dr. Sugiura, advised on experiments, set up routers and servers, and tested IP-phones.

  • Two staff members were sent for long-term counterpart training in Japan for doctoral and masters study. Upon completion of their studies, they are bonded to return and teach within the Computing Science department for the term of their scholarships.