Last Updated: June 28, 2005
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Computing Science

Dr. Masahisa Suzuki and Dr. Yoshikazu Hitaka

Dr. Masahisa Suzuki and Dr. Yoshikazu Hitaka visited USP from 22 - 28 March.

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This is the second visit by Dr. Suzuki, Associate Professor at the University of Electro Communications. The main of purpose of this visit was to provide Support of online instruction using the satellite network through:

  • The upgrade of facilities used for offering the UEC course;
  • Demonstration of online course introduction using the most updated TV conference system.

Dr. Hitaka, Associate Professor at the Ube National College of Technology provided training for staff at the Department of Maths and Computing Science on the utilization of 64Bit computers:

  • Introduction to 64Bit computers;
  • Demonstration of the graphics capability of 64Bit computers.