Last Updated: June 29, 2005
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Upgrading USPNet

Presentation for USPNet Upgrade
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Since 2002, the Project has been closely supporting USP on the planning and design of USPNet Upgrade.

In August 2002, Mr. Yamamoto, JICA short-term expert, visited USP to work on the planning of the upgrade and design of the USPNet.

Mr. Keith Moala (USP Counterpart) and Mr. Yamamoto's report supported by Dr. Sugiura, was completed in the form of "Short- Term Action Plan for the USPNet Enhancement" and "Medium to Long Term Plan for the USPNet Enhancement".

The short-term solution that was proposed in 2002 was to have been completed at the end of 2003. However, due to delays in the short-term solutions, the USPNet Upgrade team has combined some of the short and medium solutions for an effective upgrade with more profits.


Dr. Kazunori Sugiura and Mr. Shunsuke Fujieda were in Fiji from 17 August - 4 September to provide technical support for the USPNet Upgrade. There were two main objectives of their visit:
  • To provide advice on the "USPNet Broadband" Plan that was prepared by the USPNet Upgrade team at USP. This was successfully demonstrated during a September 1st presentation to USP Management, JICA and the Embassy of Japan experts. The experts' recommendations supported with what ITS were looking at.
  • As part of USP's Plans for the USPNet enhancement to IP-based network, the experts conducted network verification of routers and servers, and tested IP-phones.
    The USPNet Upgrade is mandatory to utilize broader bandwidth from the current 1.5Mbps to 155Mbps, which might be achieved by Australian Academic and Research Network (AARNet). With the current design of USPNet, however only Laucala Campus (Fiji) will benefit and not other eleven member countriies. Therefore, there is a urgent need to upgrade USPNet to disperse the benefits of broadband right across the USP region. Comparing a few options JICA expert suggested the best for USP, based on the followling enhanced features of the candidate satellite system:
    • Advanced FTDMA based infrastructure for optimised frequency utilisation;
    • Outgoing, incoming bandwidth flexibility for future enhancement in satellite frequency;
    • Future upgrade capability in firmware (IDU - InDoor Unit);
    • IP Readiness;
    • High Market shares among other competitors;
    • Low cost IDU;