Last Updated: June 28, 2005
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Economic Impact of E-commerce on Small Tourism Enterprises

The objective of this study titled "Economic Impact of E-commerce on Small Tourism Enterprises" was to evaluate the economic impact of using the Internet to promote small- scale budget tourist accommodation businesses in Fiji, Samoa and Tonga.

The study concludes that just having a website is not enough if one wants to reap the benefits economically. Effective website promotion is the most vital step in conducting ecommerce and leading new visitors to a website. Successful websites indicate that they have a certain edge over others leading towards more influence and impact to their business. Websites need to be marketed just as with other forms of advertising, and electronic marketing is about attracting the right traffic, creating a user-friendly atmosphere, and developing content relevant to customers needs. However, it is equally important for the business owners to be familiar with Internet and email use and to promptly response to any guest enquiries.

A series of trainings was conducted to share the results of the research titled "Economic Impact of E-commerce on Small Tourism Enterprises"; collect qualitative data from participants' arising from their reflections, group brainstorming, and many discussions; and raise awareness of the tourism sectors stakeholders the usage of ICT as a marketing. Each of the program comprised of seminar for research results sharing and technical training on email and webpage maintenance. A manual on how to carry out webpage maintenance was also developed by Mr. Christopher Robbins, a Multimedia Specialist at USP, Fiji. Netscape was downloaded and utilized for this training. On 3rd November 2004, Ms. Maki Kato presented the research findings as a paper titled "Empirical study on the Internet marketing for Small and Micro-sized Hotel Operators" to the USP community and key tourism stakeholders in Fiji.