Last Updated: June 29, 2005
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ICT Research & Training

ICT Component Overview

Since the inception of the Project in July 2002, eight researches have been funded and 7 has been completed under the ICT Research Grant program while a total of 22 projects applications were received. The Grant was first advertised in December 2002 and has now been closed for new applications as the Project itself has ended its tenure at USP on 30th of June 2005. Click here for the details of all the applications.

The researches were open to teams led by USP academic and/or comparable staff, in collaboration with Committee of Regional Organizations of the Pacific agencies, government agencies, NGOs, private sector, or other universities. Multi-disciplinary researches linking ICT to practical solutions were encouraged.

ICT Researches:

Evaluation of Computer Science Curriculum of Fiji Secondary Schools
Maximizing the Benefits of ICT/Multimedia for Education in the South
GIS as a Decision Support Tool for Community Based Tourism
The Impact of ICT on Rural Development in Solomon Islands: the PFnet Case
Economic Impact of E-commerce on Small Tourism Enterprises
Redefining Telecommunication Legislation and Regulatory Environment in Fiji for Improved Economic Growth and Social Development
Negotiating Cultural Identity in the Age of ICT: A Case Study of Fijian Immigrants in Brisbane, Australia
A baseline survey on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in the South Pacific