Last Updated: June 28, 2005
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The Impact of ICT on Socio-Economic Development: Japan's Challenge


Associate Prof. Hiroshi Nagano University of Electro Communications,

Organised by The "ICT Capacity Building at USP" Project: A Joint Collaboration of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the University of the South Pacific.

This public lecture which was held on 26th May 2005 at USP attended by 36 participants focused on Japanese case studies of ICT utilization for socio economic development. It also had discussions on the possibilities of similar utilization of ICT in Fiji as well as in the South Pacific. The lecture refered to some relevant aspects of the effect of ICT being used to enhance economic activities, as diversified tools of communications in human relationships, and complicated social design.

Associate Professor Nagano has extensive experience in the ICT Industry and has published numerous papers on analysis of socio-economic system regarding e-Japan strategy, telecommunication industry, economic growth with ICT penetration, Electronic Commerce, e-community, and so on.


In calling for the proposals, it was realized that most people found the ICT Research and linkages with socio-economic development a new concept in the Pacific. In realization of this, a Public Forum was held on 22nd May 2003 at USP to inform the requirements of the ICT Research Grant to persons interested in undertaking research linking ICT and socio economic development leading to practical solutions. The Forum will also attempt to clarify any issues arising from the participants. Approximately 50 people joined the Forum, from USP academics, civil servants, international agencies, donor agencies, and others.

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