Last Updated: June 28, 2005
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ICT Research & Training

Research proposal writing in ICT for socio- economic development

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Dates: 24th - 25th May. 2005
Venue: USP
Facilitator: Prof. Hiroshi Nagano, University Electro Communications

This workshop is designed to strengthen the capacity of USPs staff in understanding the impact of ICT on socio-economic development and solving common problems in proposal writing. It would provide tips on how to develop actual, feasible and quality proposal and would also guide participants on ICT theme selection and data collection.

The lecturer, Prof. Nagano, has experience in a number of researches related to the analysis of socio-economic system regarding e-Japan strategy, telecommunication industry, economic growth with ICT penetration, Electronic Commerce, e-community, and so on. He will introduce Japanese case studies and hopes to have valuable discussions with participants to investigate the possibility of ICT in Fiji as well as in the South Pacific.

Participants will have the opportunity to develop an outline of a real research proposal and review proposals with other participants and the workshop lecturer by the end of the workshop.

To enhance the knowledge of:

  • The potential impact of ICT for socio-economic development and,
  • Techniques in writing research proposals to gain international funding.

This workshop aims to educate USP academics and comparable staff in writing professional and competitive proposals in the area of ICT research linking to socio-economic development.

Output: Draft ICT research proposals by the participants.

Target audience:
USP academics and comparable staff in ICT research for socio-economic development.


To register: Ms. Kalesi Cava
Tel: 323 2072

Enquiries: Ms. Natasha Khan
Tel: 323 2470