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School of Law Wins FALE Inter-School Student Debate Series

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School of Law debaters (from L-R) Jovilisi Liganivai, Ernest Gibson and Hanrieta Yadraea with the award.

The University of the South Pacific’s (USP) School of Law came out victors during the Faculty of Arts, Law and Education (FALE) Annual Inter-School Student Debate Series Grand Final at the Laucala Campus on 13 October, 2016.

The School supported the fact that, “the United Nation’s obligation to protect human rights ought to be more valued above its obligation to respect national sovereignty,” while School of Education opposed the statement.

The School of Law debaters were Ernest Gibson, Jovilisi Liganivai and Hanrieta Yadraea. According to Hanrieta, the win was a rewarding one saying it was a good feeling to know that all their research and efforts were fruitful.

She said that the grand final preparations were quite tough given the nature of the topic.

“Researching was quite difficult because we were not exactly sure ourselves but after getting into all the readings everything made more sense,” Hanrieta said.

For first year law student, Ernest, participating in the Inter-School Debate Series with two third year students was an exciting experience as he got to learn a lot from them.

Together with having a good learning experience, Ernest said that the Debate Series provided an opportunity to meet new people. Taking part in the debate series enabled him to sharpen his research abilities, a skill which is one of the key expectations of a law student.

For Jovilisi, the debate series was all about proper time management, adding that, “it has taught me how to balance my work in terms of debate preparation and getting our assignments done on time, as all our assignments are almost due and exam is around the corner.

Jovilisi said that taking part in the debate will allow students to develop critical thinking and prepare them to speak in front of an audience.

He has been taking part in the FALE Inter-School Debate Series for three years.

One of the recommendations made by the team is for organisers to give topics/issues that have significant value to today’s society and which has concrete arguments.

The team has encouraged USP students to take part in the debate as it will enhance their student life at the University.

FALE Dean Dr Akanisi Kedrayate said that she was impressed with the quality and standard of the debate, adding that she has always been proud of the School of Law students.

“Today we can say with confidence that we have very good people here, particularly the lawyers who can stand in court, argue and win cases because they have done their research,” Dr Kedrayate said.

She further stated that the debate series is not restricted to FALE students, and added that, “more students should come on board and take part because it boosts one’s confidence and gives you the authority to speak on a number of issues and argue confidently.”

Dr Kedrayate said that her Faculty will continue to organise such debate series in future.

The debate series was sponsored by FALE, Digicel Fiji and Damodar Event Cinemas.

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