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USP lecturer awarded Greg Taylor scholarship

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Dr Neelesh Gounder, Senior Lecturer, School of Economics, USP

A senior lecturer at The University of the South Pacific (USP) is the first from Fiji to have been awarded a Greg Taylor Scholarship to undertake research at the Australian National University’s (ANU) Crawford School. All previous recipients have been from Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The Greg Taylor scholarship provides the opportunity to undertake research at the ANU Crawford School as part of the Development Policy Centre for a period of up to three (3) months on a topic relating to the economic development of PNG and the Pacific. The scholar is expected to undertake research in close collaboration with a researcher from Devpolicy (or possibly the broader ANU).

Dr Neelesh Gounder from the School of Economics (SOE) said the research will be in close collaboration with researchers from Development Policy Centre or possibly from the broader ANU.

It will analyse the effects of migration from Pacific Island Countries (PICs) to Australia on:

• PICs merchandise exports to Australia; and
• Australian outbound tourism to PICs.

“The emphasis is on the role played by migration from PICs into Australia and its impact on exports of merchandise goods and tourism from Australia,” Dr Gounder explained.

The Development Policy Centre at ANU works in partnership with a number of regional/international organisations to produce research and foster discussion.

“This opportunity will enhance USP-ANU collaboration further as it will provide an excellent means of bringing together scholars who may be working in parallel fields related to PICs, but are unable to collaborate and share ideas because of working in different institutions,” he noted.

Dr Gounder added that the opportunity will allow him to build research networks for future research collaboration with other researchers working on PICs from Crawford School at ANU.

“There will be opportunity to share and access techniques and skills available at ANU,” he said.

The scholarship is made possible by a generous donation from an anonymous donor, and are named in the honour of Greg Taylor, whose former positions include: Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund for both Australia and PNG, Secretary of various Australian Government Departments, advisor to the PNG Treasury Secretary, Chairman of the PNG Superannuation Task Force, and Director of PNG’s largest superannuation fund.

It covers travel, living costs, a modest honorarium and applications are accepted from students already studying at the ANU or elsewhere in Australia, and from new and emerging scholars in the area of economics in the Pacific and PNG.

Dr Gounder was previously awarded the prestigious Australian Prime Minister’s Pacific-Australia (PMPA) Award in 2012 for sustained academic achievement and contribution to university activities in Australia.

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