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STHM Hosts Alumni Open Evening Event

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Informal talks and exchange between Alumni, STHM staff and current postgraduate students

The University of the South Pacific’s (USP) School of Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM) hosted an ‘Alumni Open Evening Event’ recently to bring together former undergraduate students with current STHM staff members and postgraduate students.

In his welcome address, Dr. Alexander Trupp, Senior Lecturer and leader of the postgraduate programmes at STHM, highlighted the ever-growing significance of tourism and hospitality studies for the academia as well as the tourism industry, especially in the South Pacific context.

He further stated that “these current developments and dynamics require proper understandings of tourism planning, innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability on economic, environmental, and socio-cultural levels.”

STHM Alumni work in various public and private institutions and fields of the tourism and hospitality sector including sales & marketing, food & beverage management, cruise ships, tourism planning, festival management or research & education. They create the School’s and University’s reputation through their success and everyday working experience. Alumni also engender irreplaceable word-of-mouth marketing among their social and professional networks.

As part of the evening’s official agenda, Dr. Dawn Gibson, Senior Lecturer at STHM and Dr Trupp gave a presentation about the School’s postgraduate programmes. STHM offers a Master of Commerce in Tourism and Hospitality Management and Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce (Tourism and Hospitality Management). These programmes offer an opportunity for existing graduates in the tourism industry or graduates in other fields to upgrade their qualifications and take advantage of the current dynamics in tourism development.

Dr. Trupp also commented that “through enhanced qualification and accreditation more executive positions will be held by people from within the region and that a more responsible form of tourism and hospitality can be achieved.”

After the formal presentations and discussions, informal talks and exchange between STHM staff, current postgraduate students, and Alumni continued.

Ella Bennion, Student Industry Liaison Coordinator at STHM, said that the event was a big success as STHM Alumni now plan to meet more frequently and many of them aim to return to USP and STHM in order to upgrade their qualifications and/or start new research. 

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