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USP VC addresses Lautoka Campus staff

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Dr Pramila Devi, Lautoka Campus Director and Professor Rajesh Chandra, USP Vice-Chancellor and President (both seated at the centre) with staff of USP’s Lautoka Campus.

It is important that students should be respected at all times as they are the core reason for the existence of The University of the South Pacific (USP).

This was the message by USP’s Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Rajesh Chandra as part of the Staff Forum at the University’s Lautoka Campus on 17 March 2017.

The Staff Forum, a first for the Lautoka Campus, provided an opportunity for staff of the University to raise issues faced by the Campus with the Vice-Chancellor and President.

Professor Chandra said that staff need to ensure that students are well treated and the same is expected from students in return.

He added that everyone prefers to work in an environment which is professional and courteous.

“Our aim is to create an environment where you feel enthused by coming to work, you feel driven by the ambition and vision of USP, and you feel proud of being a member of the University,” Professor Chandra told the staff at Lautoka Campus.

He said this year USP has done well with better enrolment growths from last year, and is positive that the University will do quite well in terms of its accreditations.

Professor Chandra highlighted that USP’s relationship with governments of its member countries is stronger than ever before and added that, “governments are really supportive, even those that have their own national universities.”

The Vice-Chancellor and President also stressed that the University’s future will depend on the value delivered by its staff.

As long as USP is a premier institution, it is important for it to differentiate itself from the rest of the universities. Professor Chandra said that USP can differentiate itself by having international accreditations, delivering the kind of student services that nobody else can match, and by producing graduates whom employers feel proud of employing.

Since USP’s campuses are spread across the Pacific, Professor Chandra said that it is important that the fourteen (14) campuses are glued together strongly to have greater equity.

He added that the University needs to create a real situation in which all member countries feel that they are getting a fair value, hence he told the staff about the Lecture Capture system that the University has implemented from this year.

“So the lecture capture programme can really change the way we think about how we provide our courses to others. When fine-tuned, courses can technically be taken by anyone at the same time,” Professor Chandra said.

He emphasised that the Lecture Capture system is something the University will focus more on and thanked Mr Dhiraj Bhartu, Learning Systems Manager for spearheading the development.

Professor Chandra also informed the staff that USP will be issuing tablets to first year full time degree students, who have paid fees in full, as this is contemporarily the new platform for learning.

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