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USP graduates acknowledge families, lecturers

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Mr Nailati acknowledges the support of family.

Graduates of The University of the South Pacific (USP) who were conferred with their qualifications on 31 March, 2017 acknowledged the support of their families, lecturers, tutors and peers for successfully completing their studies.

Mr Josateki Nailati, who was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree said, “As much as today is about us, it is very much about the people that are gathered here. For we are here representing our families, our faith, our villages, provinces, kingdoms and our nations”.

Speaking during the morning graduation at the Vodafone Arena, Mr Nailati said graduates carried with them the hopes and dreams of the people who worked and are tirelessly working behind the scenes of their lives, those of whom claim no credit in their success yet have contributed so much, and still do.

Part of the 1680 students that graduated on 31 March, 2017.

“In a specific moment in time a choice was made, a choice that set the course to which our vaka, our vessel set sail. Through the valleys of defeat, over the mountains of insane challenges, into the rivers of hopelessness, we have come out stronger and standing.

“Congratulations graduates for running the race and finishing it, whether we sprinted, jogged, limped or even crawled to that finish line, we made it!” he exclaimed.

He reminded his peers of the struggle and determination that got them through.

“Remember the long research hours in the library and the hour-long lectures that felt like a lifetime after lunch. Remember the sleepless nights of working on an assignment, of studying into the wee hours of the morning slash social networking.

“May we never forget when some of us had to walk to school or back home because there was no other option.  May we never forget the criticism and discouragement we had to walk into and push through,” he remarked.

Ms Annabelle Chand, the graduate speaker for the afternoon session said that the certificates that they had attained is not just a piece of paper but has value and meaning.

“The meaning and value attached to it represents far greater things than any piece of paper can show. It marks a history of your hard work, your family’s investment in you, your hopes and aspirations for a better future and the prospects of giving back to everyone who contributed to your success,” she stated.

“Now that we have attained this, we have an even greater part to play that not only affects us, but the people around us, our villages and towns, our islands and indeed our world. We have an obligation to think outside of ourselves. To apply our knowledge and skills for good and for the betterment of the world we live in,” Ms Chand added.

While congratulating her peers, Ms Chand urged them to go after that project that they have always wanted to do, apply for that job they thought they would never get and be the change they want to see in the world.

“Never under-estimate the tiny actions you make, because they can have an enormous outcome on not only your life but potentially the lives of so many people in years to come.

“So if you ever thought that your life does not matter, it does. It did in the past, it does today and it will in the future,” she added.

A total of 1680 students graduated in this ceremony.

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