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Oceans matter to USP, says Professor Chandra

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Members of USP's Oceania Dance Theatre that performed during the USP, University of Bergen announcement on a Joint Chair in Ocean Studies at New York.

The Vice-Chancellor and President of The University of the South Pacific (USP), Professor Rajesh Chandra said the University straddles an area of 33 million square kilometres so whatever happens to the oceans, happens to its member countries and ultimately, the University.

He made the comment during the official announcement of USP and University of Bergen’s partnership on a Joint Chair for Ocean Studies on 7 June 2017 at Hotel Millennium in New York.

Professor Chandra firstly acknowledged the superb performance of the USP’s Oceania Dance Theatre at the event saying Pacific Islands are very good at expressing themselves fully inthe area of arts and culture.

He stated Pacific Islands expressed themselves in a way that demonstrates how integral oceans are to their lives.

“Oceans is the life of Pacific Islanders and so is culture and the life and sustainability of that life and the existence of many of our countries as the University represents, is tied very much to oceans,” he stated.

“I think that is a very powerful expression of the strength of the Pacific and how important the outcomes of this conference is going to be not only on their existence but to the life and ability of Pacific Islanders to engage with the rest of the world with some sense of dignity,” he mentioned.  

Professor Chandra also reiterated that the Pacific brings to this United Nations Oceans Conference a great deal of wisdom and record about stewardship of resources that benefit humanity.

USP he said, is one of only two regional universities around the world and is an oceanic university. 

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