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Vanuatu students briefed on USP’s programmes & procedures

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Mr Ruveni Gacala, acting Scholarship Officer from SAS briefs Year 13 students in Vanuatu.

More than 700 Year Thirteen (13) students of Vanuatu were recently briefed on The University of the South Pacific’s (USP) admission requirements by the University’s Student Administrative Services (SAS).

This followed an invitation to SAS from the Vanuatu Training and Scholarship Coordination Unit (VTSCU) to partner with them in the visitation of selected high schools around Vanuatu that usually are main feeder schools to both USP’s Laucala and Emalus campuses.

This invitation was welcomed as it aligned directly with the SAS Scholarship Officer Visitation programme.

Students inquiring about admission requirements with Mr Gacala.

The Scholarship Officer Visitation Programme was initiated by SAS in 2016, to replace the Scholarship Officers Roundtable. The Visitation Programme is more effective because discussions are held directly with the regional scholarship officers who handle student matters and who are fully aware of student concerns.

Mr Ruveni Gacala, acting Scholarship Officer said the visit was over a span of seven (7) working days from 11th - 19th September, 2017.

“It was an opportune time to present to Vanuatu high school students information on admissions requirements to University programmes as they prepare for the South Pacific Seventh Form Certificate Examination administered by Educational Quality & Assessment Programme in a few weeks’ time,” Mr Gacala noted.

The following schools in Vanuatu were visited:

1. Central Secondary School;
2. Malapoa College;
3. Tebakor College (School Based Foundation);
4. Onesua Presbyterian College; and
5. Matevulu College.

Mr Gacala explained that undergraduate admission application forms were also distributed to Year 13 students and students were assisted in understanding the university’s programmes, special programme requirements and filling out application forms.

“Most queries arising from students were based on programmes available at USP that correspond with the Vanuatu Government Scholarships Priority Framework 2018,” Mr Gacala said.

This framework is in line with the Vanuatu National Sustainable Development Plan by the Government to meet the human resource needs of the nation.

“Students were advised on specific programmes available at USP and it is worthy to note that majority of the priority areas in the Vanuatu Government Scholarships Priority Framework 2018 are covered under various programmes at USP,” he stated.

Group Manager,  SAS, Ms Litia Konusi stated “We have always planned to extend our school recruitment exercise to the regional schools and the opportunity now presents itself by using the scholarship officer visitation programme as the vehicle to do this.

Ms Konusi further noted “this is another successful outing and is paying off in more ways than anticipated.”

“As SAS continues these visitations to the region, we will take the opportunity to request the scholarship units to arrange visits to all the schools,” commented Ms Konusi.

Further to school visitations, Mr Gacala had the opportunity to meet the Emalus scholarship support staff at SAS and the Finance department that assisted in sponsored administration.

He added that a critical part of the trip was to meet the VTSCU staff and update them on USP’s policies that directly influence the administration of sponsored students.

Issues arising from the discussion included the need for sponsored students to be familiarise themselves with the 75 per cent progression rule; late scholarship processing and arrivals of Vanuatu-sponsored students; course withdrawal without sponsor’s approval; and grade submission at the end of semester one and prior to commencement of semester two, to determine continuation or termination of scholarships.

“In a nutshell, the visit was very successful and the partnership between both scholarship offices was further strengthened and mutual relationship established,” Mr Gacala added. 

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