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Chinese Exercises for Cook Islands Campus

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Participants of the Qigong exercise with Ms Xiaoning Lu (second from left).

The University of the South Pacific’s (USP) Cook Islands Campus concluded its Qigong-Baduanjin exercise programme in the Peace Garden adjoining the Campus on 29 September 2017.

The programme ran for four (4) weeks in the first part of Semester 2 as part of the Confucius Classroom’s Chinese culture programme and aimed at development of an energetic and active mind, utilising Qigong and the Chinese medical practice of Baduanjin.

Qigong involves coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation designed to develop qi (chi)or "life energy".

This course was taught by the Chinese lecturer Ms Xiaoning Lu and Volunteer teacher Mr Hongfei Li of the Confucius classroom in the Cook Islands Campus. Ms Xiaoning taught exercise steps while Mr Hongfei demonstrated them.

Mr Hongfei said that the participants fully agreed to the methods of Qigong and practiced with energy and hoped that the course be offered for a longer time.

“Apart from practicing, we taught students and staff about the methods from Chinese medical science, points and meridians in our body and how they work in our health,” Mr Hongfei explained.

The participants were also introduced to some methods that Chinese people use in their day-to-day activities to stay healthy.

Ms Shona Aviu, Cook Islands Campus staff said that she could feel the benefit of the exercises towards the end of the course.

Student participant Ms Kathleen from Rarotonga Printing said she could feel the positive energy during the exercises.

She attended the sessions throughout the duration of the programme and said that she will continue to do it every day.

The Confucius Classroom in the Cook Islands is not only teaching Chinese languages, but has also introduced arts, history and other relevant curriculum with Chinese culture, including the paper-cut, Beijing opera masks' painting, Chinese movie night event, and hot-pot dinner.

The Qigong exercise was part of the extra activities offered in the second semester.

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