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Become tsunamis of change, PhD graduate urges

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) graduate in Geography Elina Kaufusi Bloomfield delivering her speech.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) graduate in Geography Elina Kaufusi Bloomfield has urged her fellow graduates never to be satisfied with today, embrace the future and become shining stars of nations and oceans of the Pacific.

While delivering her graduate speech, Mrs Bloomfield challenged them to become tsunamis of change assuring them that they had done it.

“As the cool breeze of dawn graciously caresses another day, we the class of 2018 peacefully step into a brand new era. We endured the past to establish the present and have become the architectures of the future,” she stated.

This she said, is a day to celebrate, a day of admiration, a day of joy and merry making.

“We have done it, we have won the battle and anchored safely despite the highways. Challenges failed to deter us. Together we emerged tougher and more determined, we captured our dreams and turned them into plans and opportunities,” Mrs Bloomfield said.

“We have showcased our abilities, capabilities and potentials, we have proved that we can. Today we dry the tears and sweat of our parents, guardians, families and lecturers, although at times it was through our own tears and endless sacrifices,” she added.

“We re-visited our goals and re-prioritised our priorities, we fixed our eyes on our goals and told ourselves that we can do it – which is why we are here today,” she said.

Relating her personal story, Mrs Bloomfield said she is a wife, mother to five girls, and grandmother to two grandsons.

“My parents did not complete high school but I am thankful that they valued education and realised the importance of investing in it,” she shared.

She said that her parent’s advice has always been her greatest motivation throughout her journey.

“They also told me to trust in God and never forget who I am. This blue and red gown I am wearing today is a product of trusting in God and never forgetting who I am, so if I can do it then you can do it too,” she challenged fellow graduates.

She said graduates owe their achievements to their parents, guardians and families who have been their foundations and role models.

Mrs Bloomfield acknowledged her 87-year-old father who was present to witness his daughter’s graduation.

She also paid tribute to USP saying it is a prestigious regional University that has “abundantly and intelligently equipped us for when the day comes, we will be migrants with merits and never refugees of climate change”.

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