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Renewable Energy Technology to solve Pacific's Energy Crisis

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Dr. G.P.Yeh, believes the Pacific can pave the way for the use of renewable energy technology to resolve its energy crisis.

Recent advances and maturity of renewable energy technology make it possible for Pacific Island Countries to resolve their longstanding energy crisis.

Dr. G.P.Yeh, world renowned scientist and the Chairman of FERMILAB Global Innovation Centre, believes that sustainable energy is the world’s greatest challenge, responsibility and opportunity and the timing is just right for the Pacific region to lead the way in adopting renewable energy technology to resolve its energy crisis.

Dr Yeh said that the timing for this revolution could not have been possible without the recent advances and maturity of renewable energy technology, Fiji’s Presidency of COP23 and abundance of renewable energy resources in the Pacific region.

“All kinds of energy have become affordable right now and this would not have been the case five years ago, so why not do it now?”

According to Dr Yeh, stepping into this transition would reduce huge costs for energy in the Pacific and as a result, boost the Pacific economies and divert much needed funds to other areas of development.

When asked ‘how can we do this?’ Dr Yeh said “energy crisis in the PICs is a big problem.  All we need is to believe in this vision to resolve this energy crisis, let the world know, and investments and philanthropic support will follow”.

“Using renewable energy will not only save costs but also lead to a better economy as we attempt to solve the world energy problem for human kind and the globe,” he said.

He explained that the world burns 10 billion tonnes of carbon per year and with a population of 7 billion in the world, we are burning 1 million tonnes of carbon per hour.

“This means that if we switch to renewable energy we stop contributing to the carbon footprint while at the same time reducing the cost of energy in the Pacific,” he said.

Dr Yeh will be delivering a public lecture on the Pacific leading the way in Sustainable Energy this evening from 6-8pm at the Japan-Pacific ICT Centre at the Laucala Campus.

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