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USP to hold 86th Council meeting in Nauru

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Mr Winston Thompson, USP's Pro-Chancellor, will be chairing the two-day Council Meeting in Nauru.

The 86th Council meeting of The University of the South Pacific (USP) will be held at USP’s Nauru Campus in Yaren District from 22 - 23 May 2018.

USP Council is the highest decision-making body of the University, and meets twice a year to discuss the affairs of the University.

The two-day meeting will be chaired by the Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Council, Mr Winston Thompson.  

The 86th Council meeting will be officially opened by His Excellency David Adeang, Acting President of Nauru on 22 May 2018.

Ahead of the two-day Council meeting, the new Nauru Campus will also be officially opened on 21 May 2018 by His Excellency David Adeang, Acting President.  

The new Campus is part of the Nauru Learning Village which also houses Nauru Secondary School and Nauru Technical & Vocational Education Training. 

The construction of the Nauru Campus is jointly funded by the Australian Government and the Government of Nauru.

USP undertook the installation of a new C-Band Satellite Antenna and related equipment at the new Nauru Campus which was part of the first phase of implementation of the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) funded USPNet Infrastructure Upgrade Project.

This project involves the replacement of all end of life C-Band satellite infrastructure and the re-design of USPNet regional network connectivity to transform regional ICT for Teaching, Learning and Research well into the next ten (10) years.  The total cost of C-Band Antenna and installation works was around FJD 92,098.

USP also provided funding for the total ICT infrastructure fit out for the new Campus which include the installation of new server systems and network equipment, WiFi technology to allow for connectivity anywhere on campus, new computers and state of the art audio-visual and CCTV facilities for SMART classrooms. The total cost of ICT infrastructure, equipment and materials was around FJD 378,613. USP also provided technical support staff for the installation and commissioning to the cost of about FJD 97,330.

On day one of the Council meeting (22 May), a workshop on the new Strategic Plan 2019-2024 will take place for members of the Council.

The USP Convention will also be signed by Niue on 22 May as part of the Council meeting, which will make it the 12th and final USP member country to sign the USP Convention.

The USP Convention is an agreement between member countries of the University, aimed at legally embedding it in member countries, and supplementing the University’s founding legal instruments of the Royal Charter and Statutes. 

The Government of Fiji is the depository of the USP Convention in accordance with its provisions and is facilitated by the Office of the Roving Ambassador, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The University deposited two (2) more ratifications fromTuvalu and Vanuatu on 17 May, 2018, becoming the 6th and 7th member country respectively to ratify the USP Convention.

Prior to this, five (5) member countries had already ratified the USP Convention including, Cook Islands, Kiribati, Republic of Marshall Islands, Nauru, Samoa.

Therefore, in accordance with provisions of the USP Convention, the Roving Ambassador has announced that the USP Convention will enter into force on 18 June 2018, thirty (30) days from the deposit of the 6th   ratification.

The 86th Council meeting will conclude with a formal dinner which will be hosted by Mr Thompson and Professor Rajesh Chandra, Vice-Chancellor and President on 23 May 2018. 

A graduation ceremony will also be hosted on Friday 25 May 2018 at the Nauru Centennial Hall for the Nauru Campus graduating students.

One student is expected to graduate in this ceremony. Flanking that student will be approximately more than 80 proud graduates of USP who will don the USP graduation gown once more to join the procession - but this time they will walk in their home country in the presence of their family and friends, making this a memorable event and giving all their well-wishers who would not have made it to the graduation in Fiji, an opportunity to see their loved ones in a graduation gown and create memories. 

His Excellency, Major General (Ret’d) Jioji Konusi Konrote, Chancellor of USP and the President of Fiji will be the Chief Guest, conferring the degrees, diplomas and certificates to the graduates as part of the ceremony. 

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