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SOEd Early Childhood Students Display Teaching Resources

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Early Childhood Students Display Teaching Resources at the Laucala Campus.

The Early Childhood section of The University of the South Pacific’s (USP) School of Education (SOEd) did a wonderful display at the Laucala Campus as part of the ED300 ECEC Strand Practicum requirement.

The students were given two weeks of preparation space for lesson plans and accompanying teaching resources to support their teaching.

Dr Lavinia Tiko, Lecturer & Programme Coordinator said the ED300 ECE practicum has six specifications which students are to adhere to when they teach and these are:

  • Psychology and child development;
  • Education and curriculum studies;
  • Early childhood pedagogies;
  • Family and community contexts;
  • History and philosophy of early childhood; and
  • Early childhood professional practice.

“Students are required to teach in childcare, preschool, kindergarten and early years in the span of 17 weeks; 4 weeks each from childcare to kindergarten and 5 weeks in the early years mainstream setting,” Dr Tiko explained.

Dr Mesake Dakuidreketi, the Deputy Head of SOEd was elated with the student’s preparation towards their practicum and suggested that other programmes could do the same.

He mentioned that preparations for the teaching practicum is important as students would definitely need staff support in terms of mentoring.

Lecturers Dr Hem Dayal and Dr Billy Fitoo stated that such events are important and we need to support our students as they prepare to venture into the world of teaching.

Dr Tiko stated the School must aim for bigger events like perhaps an education exhibition in future so students can display and model good teaching practices before they enter the world of teaching.

She added that scaffolding and close guidance is appropriate during this preparation time, and the students stood out to perform to expectation.

“I am happy because I know the students are now ready to take on the tasks required,” she said.

The students commented that they had to work on their lesson plans and prepare relevant resources in order to achieve the learning outcomes.

One of them said, “it has been a tedious exercise, but I know it was for a good outcome, I want to give the best to the children I teach”.

The students thanked the SOEd staff who were present and Dr Tiko for the two weeks preparation.

Dr Tiko confirmed they are now ready to take on the teaching battle to the four required age groups.

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