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Friday, March 11, 2011

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Today is:
Fri, Dec 14, 2018

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  Consultancy for Review of USP Funding Formula for Member Country Contributions  
(USP Web Events)

Review of USP Funding Formula for Member Country Contributions

The USP Funding Formula is the mechanism by which the University of the South Pacific (USP) is funded by its 12 Member Countries. The University is seeking an appropriately qualified and experienced consultant to review the Hills Report on this mechanism and make recommendations as to how to implement a new Funding Formula for the planning and funding of the University for the triennium 2013-2015.

1. Institutional Context

The University of the South Pacific
is the premier provider of tertiary education in the Pacific region and an international centre of excellence for teaching, research and consulting on all aspects of Pacific life. Established in 1968, USP comprises a vibrant community of staff and students from its 12 member countries: Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Niue, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu, as well as many other countries worldwide. Collectively, the University’s campuses are located across 33 million square kilometers of ocean, covering five different time zones.

The USP Funding Formula has remained unchanged for 30 years although it has been reviewed three times previously, most lately in 2009 in a report entitled:
Review of the Role of Member Country Contributions in the Financing of the University of the South Pacific by Dr Rodney C. Hills.

2. Objectives of the Consultancy

The objectives of the consultancy are as follows:

(i) To review the Hills Report and its recommendations together with previous Reports and the recent decision of the Governance Task Force and the USP Council;

(ii) To evaluate the advantages as well as disadvantages of the current formula;

(iii) To determine whether the current arrangements can be improved or if other funding arrangements are needed;

(iv) To examine arrangements in the University of the West Indies as a comparator regional university;

(v) To recommend a preferred funding formula together with at least two other fully modeled alternatives for the 2013-2015 triennium with a full justification for each of the proposed alternatives, including the preferred option;

(vi) To assist with the implementation of the finally accepted revised funding formula.

3. Process and Approach

The detailed approach proposed by the consultant should include the process, schedule of work and costs to meet the objectives in Section 2 above, leading to delivering a report to the Vice-Chancellor through the Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Planning & Quality) according to the timelines set out in Section 5 below.

The schedule of work should cover the number of necessary visits to USP’s Laucala Campus in Fiji to undertake the review. USP may require that other campuses be encompassed within the scope of the review in discussion with the selected consultant. USP will reimburse economy class air fares necessary to undertake the agreed schedule of work for the review and per diem expenses allowances in accordance with USP per diem arrangements.

The consultant is required to consult widely with the USP Member Countries and within the University Community, taking into full account the views of the USP Council Task Force on Governance.

Significant documentation is available and will be provided by the University to the consultant.

4. Required Skills

This consultancy requires:

(i) Sound knowledge of current theory and practice of financing education at tertiary level;

(ii) Knowledge of funding arrangements in regional universities and experience in working at regional level in the Pacific region would be an advantage.

5. Timeline

The expected timeframe for this consultancy is 40 days.

The consultancy is expected to commence no later than 29 April 2011, with a draft report required by 31 May 2011. The Final Report should be submitted to the Vice-Chancellor by 30 June 2011.

6. Expressions of Interest

Detailed Curriculum Vitae with a proposal detailing expertise, previous experience of similar reviews, proposed methodology, costing and confirmation of availability must be sent to the contact below and received no later than 4.00pm on Friday 8 April 2011.

Mrs Marica Tabualevu, GMES Project Manager, University of the South Pacific, Laucala Campus, Suva, Fiji. Telephone: (679) 3232074; email:;
fax: (679) 3232292.

Expressions of Interest may be submitted by email to:
by the closing date with a copy being mailed to the above address.

Contact: Mrs Marica Tabualevu, GMES Project Manager
(679) 3232074
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