Emalus Campus

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Volume 12 Issue 1 2008




Accessing Rights and Protections Under the HIV/AIDS Management and Prevention Act in Papua New Guinea: Making a case for granting a limited jurisdiction to the Village Courts 
by Genevieve Howse pp 1 - 16

Costs and Benefits of Adopting and Implementing New International Standards for the Operation and Regulation of the International Financial Services Sector in Vanuatu 
by Sunita Bois-Singh pp 17 - 38


Correction to an Article by Miranda Forsyth in the Journal of South Pacific Law 
by Ken Averre pp 39 - 41

Conference Proceedings

p 42

The Future of Law in the South Pacific 
by Anita Jowitt pp 43 - 48

Who are the Indigenous Peoples of Canada and New Zealand? 
by Natalie Coates pp 49 - 55

The Resistance of the New Zealand Legal System to Recognition of Maori Customary Law 
by John Dawson pp 56 - 62

Issues with Land Reform in Vanuatu 
by Ralph Regenvanu pp 63 - 67

Racial Discrimination in Fiji 
by Swastika Narayan pp 68 - 75

Restricting the Freedom of Movement in Vanuatu: Custom in conflict with human rights 
by Parkinson Wirrick pp 76 - 83

Discretion in the New Zealand Criminal Justice System: The position of Maori and Pacific Islanders 
by Alex Latu and Albany Lucas pp 84 - 93

Customary Reconciliation in Sentencing for Sexual Offences in Vanuatu 
by Arthi Bandhana Swamy pp 94 - 99

Should Prostitution be Decriminalised in the Pacific? The pros and cons 
by Mathew Lemisio pp 100 - 104

A Maori Right to Own and Manage National Parks? 
by Jacinta Ruru pp 105 - 111

Ratu Epeli Kanakana v AG for Fiji (The Suvavou Case): Blending equitable relief with judicial review 
by Kenneth Chambers pp 112 - 119

Notes and reviews

Goodhew v Goodhew [2007] SBHC 140: Towards a South Pacific jurisprudence? 
by Sue Farran pp 120 - 127

Ifira Trustees Ltd v Family Kalsakau [2006] VUCA 23; Vanuatu Copra and Cocoa Exporters Ltd v Maison De Vanuatu [2007] VUCA 24: Two instructive cases for ministers of government, their political advisers, and public servants 
by Don Paterson pp 128 - 137

Kalotiti v Kaltapang [2007] VUCA 25 & Ratua Development Ltd v Mathew Ndai And Others [2007] VUCA 23: Two disturbing customary land cases 
by Don Paterson pp 138 - 149

Mariango v Nalau [2007] VUCA 15: Compensation for contributions to property by de facto partners 
by Don Paterson pp 150 - 153

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