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Index of Marshall Islands Legislation 1990

Nitijela of the Marshall Islands Laws and Resolutions
11th Constitutional Regular Session

January 2nd, 1990 - February 12th, 1990

Part 1



P.L. 1990-74


Nitijela Members (Pension Amendment) Act



N.B. No. 109 N.D. 1

P.L. 1990-75

Social Security Act


N.B. No. 111 N.D. 1

P.L. 1990-76

Maritime (Amendment) Act


N.B. No. 116

P.L. 1990-77

Constitutional Convention (Amendment No. 3) Act


N.B. No. 118 N.D. 1

P.L. 1990-78

Alcoholic Beverage Control (Amendment) Act


N.B. No. 119

P.L. 1990-79

College of the Marshall Islands Act


N.B. No. 121 N.D. 1

P.L. 1990-80

Constitutional Convention (Amendment No. 4) Act


N.B. No. 122 N.D.1

P.L. 1990-81

Financial Management Act


N.B. No. 130 N.D.1

P.L. 1990-82

Constitutional Convention (Amendment No. 1) Act


N.B. No. 136 N.D.1

P.L. 1990-83

Seaport Charges (Amendment) Act


N.B. No. 139 N.D.1

P.L. 1990-84

Marine Mammal Protection Act


N.B. No. 140

P.L. 1990-85

Supplementary Appropriation Act (Financial Year 1990) Act


N.B. No. 141 N.D.1

P.L. 1990-86

Constitutional Convention (Amendment No. 2) Act


N.B. No. 143




Res. No. 55


To request the Cabinet to provide for the construction of new power and desalination plants on Wotje, Wotje Atoll



Res. No. 56

To request the Cabinet to provide for the construction of a new commercial dock on Wotje, Wotje Atoll


Res. No. 61

To respectfully request that the Nuclear Claims Tribunal expedite the resolution of claims alleging personal injury resulting from the United States Nuclear Testing Program, for which a pre-existing recognized medical condition has already been compensated by the United States Government in the amount of $25,000 or more


Res. No. 62

To request the Honorable Speaker to appoint a committee to develop a uniform and comprehensive bankruptcy code for the Marshall Islands


Res. No. 63

To provide for the acceptance and approval of the Articles of Agreement of the Asian Development Bank


Res. 64 N.D.1

To request the Cabinet, through the Ministry of Resources and Development, to negotiate with the contractor and subcontractors of the Arno Atoll Fisheries Development Project so that first preference in hiring be given to residents of Arno Atoll in the construction of that project


Res. No. 70

To provide for the ratification of the Convention for the Prohibition of Fishing with Long Driftnets in the South Pacific, adopted in Wellington, New Zealand, on 29th November 1989.


Res. No. 71

To request the Honorable Speaker to appoint a committee to investigate the Marshall Islands Nuclear Claims Tribunal


Res. No. 74 N.D.1

To request the Cabinet to negotiate for the construction of textile and canning facilities and other projects deemed to be feasible on Rongrong Island Atoll, as well as in any other suitable location in the Republic.


Res. No. 75

To support the recommendations submitted to the united States Congress by the Rongelap Atoll Local Government at the November 16, 1989, Oversight Hearing on the Safety and Habitability of Rongelap Atoll.


Res. No. 76

To commend Admiral Watkins, the Secretary of Energy, for his decision to take a fresh look at the Rongelap situation and to urge that the Secretary of Energy implement the Phase 2 comprehensive and independent study mandated by the Compact of Free Association


Res. No. 77

To appoint Mr. Oscar de Brum as the Ambassador of the Republic of the Marshall Islands to Japan and as Ambassador to her countries wherever needed, all being resident in Majuro


Res. No. 78

To approve the appointment of Philip T. Bird as an Associate Justice of the High Court of the Republic of the Marshall Islands


Res. No. 79

To request the Cabinet to provide for development and improvement of port facilities in the Republic of the Marshall Islands


Res. No. 80

To request the Cabinet to ask the United States Government to provide for the continuation of the Head Start program in the Republic of the Marshall Islands.


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