Emalus Campus

Emalus Campus

Reminder for Students in the Halls of Residence


The following reminders from the Emalus campus management are directed to students living in the Halls of Residence.

  • Withdrawal from campus requires that you obtain, fill in and personally deliver your withdrawal/check-out form to Campus Group Manager Ruben Markward.
  • Beginning this week we will require students seeking to withdraw from the Halls of Residence apply 1 week before they move out. If you do not formally apply for withdrawal or are a late in giving Ruben your forms, you will be invoiced for days you were no longer on campus. Again, give your forms only to Ruben Markward.
    • Therefore, students seeking to move out next week should have already submitted their forms.
    • Withdrawal forms will be accepted till Thursday this week. 
  • Please note that once you withdraw, you must surrender your meal book to Ruben or to Leipakoa Alick (Finance) and room key to the security officers. Transfer of meal books to other students without prior approval is not allowed.
  • Because of room shortages we are facilitating student withdrawals to make way for new students to move into the available rooms. We currently have students in MQ10 and the Guest House. Students staying in these buildings will be required to vacate by the end of March 2014. Students and their country associations  and sponsors are to make alternative preparations to withdraw from the halls by the dateline.
    • We can only allocate available rooms for campus residence.
    • If no rooms are available, the responsibility of securing accommodation rests on the student.
  • Eating in the Dining Hall is restricted only to those students staying in the single Halls of Residence and those temporarily residing in MQ10 and the Guest House. The meal allowances for these students are deducted for meals served. Other students not residing on campus or staying in other areas are required to pay for meals at the Dining Hall. Those who have been consuming meals there and have been identified will be invoiced accordingly.
  • Beginning March 10, 2014, all students eating in the Dining Hall will be required to present their meal books as a pass. Students without meal books will not be allowed to access the Dining Hall. We have received reports of students still without meal books and those who were eating in the Dining Hall but perhaps were not supposed to.
    • Please collect your meal book from Leipakoa Alick (Finance) this week only.
  • It is the beginning of semester and already we are getting complaints from students about excessive noise during certain nights, especially as a result of drinking during weekends. Students are reminded that the campus is study environment and noise is to be restricted as much as possible. Please read the Student Conduct Regulations and the Ordinance to Provide for the Discipline of Students. Security officers should demand noisy students to cease making noise, disperse students or may require that students be removed from campus. They may even seek police assistance. Every serious incident, including noise, and drinking alcohol or beer on campus are required to be reported. Students will be brought to the Student Discipline Committee if reported.
  • Please continue to inform the Dining Hall operators about any concern you may have about your meals and related arrangements. They have requested that you raise issues directly with them. You can always inform Ruben as well.

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